Is True love only found in High-School, or can the rest of us enjoy it as well?

So, I have been looking at quite a few romance manga and anime lately, and basically came to the conclusion that Romance is viewed as something you discover and have in High-School, at least in Japan.
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Harem in anime: what exactly is going on here?

So, Harem anime, they are immensely common and a fallback for many anime right now as they are a fairly safe bet to bring in an audience. As a genre it is prone to cliché, and boredom, yet there are many anime out there that are great fun to watch and entertaining in the process. Of course it can also be great fun to watch and a good source of romance with anime. Harem in anime tends to be one guy and 3+ girls, although there are a few which feature what I can only call a ‘mega-harem’.

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Anime Soundtracks: The Good, The Bad and The Terrible

I love this anime, one of the best.

Soundtracks, by and large we all know that they are pretty important when it comes to films, I can’t remember many films that I have liked that don’t have a brilliant soundtrack, the same applies for anime.
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Dragon Crisis: My Views and Review

Showed promise from the poster at least.

The logo showed some promise.

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Eroge to Anime: The large number of games that become anime series

i think that this is a good example of eroge/anime artwork and the kind of 'kawaii' girls that often appear.

So this post is going to be about the amazing number of computer games that get turned into anime, but more specifically the number of eroge games (Japanese video games that include erotic or sexual content, in case anyone who reads this does not know).
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Fanservice, Fantasy and Flashing: Ecchi in anime and manga

A nice little image to start off with, nothing mad, but still ecchi and fanservice

So I thought I would write a piece on the ecchi content on anime and manga, perhaps mainly anime since I have recently been watching a few series that have a significant or perhaps more accurately a more obvious amount of ecchi content in them. Ecchi describes a genre of manga and anime, which is seen as a softer variant of hentai (basically in Japanese that means “something with sexual content”, and is used as a synonym for “perverted” in many situations in anime and manga). For the most part it does not show sexual intercourse, but can show: panty shots, nudity, and perverted situations. In general Ecchi in anime and manga can take the shape of toilet humor, misinterpretations and general slapstick involving such things as the bath, the beach, and women’s underwear/swimsuits being popular.
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Seto no Hanayome: A Modern day Little Mermaid with added Yakuza

The major cast of Seto no Hanayome

So I was watching Seto no Hanayome again recently and it was pointed out to me that the story in fact revolves around the original concept of the Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson.
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