Dragon Crisis: My Views and Review

Showed promise from the poster at least.

The logo showed some promise.

So I recently finished watching Dragon Crisis, and honestly I am a little confused. The initial description that I read caught my interest, it had dragons for example, and what appeared to be magical weapons, what could go wrong? The fact that Rie Kugimiya the voice actress behind Mizore Shirayuki, a favorite character from Rosario + Vampire (You cant go wrong with a stalker ice woman) was playing Rose made it even more interesting.

Not the best pic I have to admit.

Dragons are quite clingy creatures.

I have a soft spot for fantasy anime, if thy involve dragons and sword and sorcery I will at least give it a watch. But Dragon Crisis had me coming and going since I could not tell if it was trying be a high school romance anime or a fantasy anime with dragons.

I am a small blond Dragon, hear me roar!! just a shame that the flame is from her hand not her mouth.

The concept of the anime itself isn’t all that unusual, and in fact has been used many times in the past. Boy comes into possession of a box, inside the box we have a mysterious girl with potentially amazing powers, girl becomes attached to boy, the adventure begins. The plot of the mysterious girl appearing before the male protagonist has been used in so many anime that you quickly lose count. Unfortunately as this was going on I was bombarded with various phrases and ideas that I had absolutely no clue about. Things such as ‘Lost Precious’; ‘contracts’; ‘Breakers’; mysterious societies etc, all of which were clearly important, central in fact to the story did not make any sense to me.

Yes, Dragons bite even when in human form apparently.

The mis-use of rope is never a pretty sight.

Now we come to what the series was about, the dragons. These mythical creatures are meant to be immensely powerful and in fact Rose is somehow the most important one of the, or at least that’s what you are lead to believe, I mean why else would she be in a suitcase?

Not much to be said really, looks like a standard harem show from this picture.

Unfortunately these points don’t seem to have been taken up. We are not really told about Rose, the Lost Precious appear to be as much of a mystery for the main characters as they were for me. The idea that there was all this mystery surrounding Rose, and of course the main character Ryūji didn’t really work for me, especially since we never get any real conclusion on the matter.

Obligatory breasts on head scene.

What was worse, even though there were dragons and weapons in this series, there were very few scenes where they did anything. The dragons spent most of the show in human form making wise cracks and generally being less than spectacular.

So easy to misintepret this image, far too easy.

Magua in a little trouble - obilgatory bikini episode

The plot really suffered from a lack of pacing, and in fact any real structure. Similar to other shows it could not necessarily decide if it was a mythical adventure show or a high-school drama. In fact there were whole chunks of the story that didn’t make sense, as if large sections had been cut out. It honestly felt like a longer show that had been cut down because either the producers or some company involved didn’t want to invest in anything longer than 12 episodes.

You have to admit the pouting Rose does like quite cute.

Oh dear, the much loved missing bikin top scene - its all for the fanservice

The shows main characters weren’t too bad, Rose was cute (although her constant shouting for ice cream and Ryuji could get on your nerves quickly). Of the other main characters Eriko and Maruga were my favorite. Eriko was pretty much a non nonsense girl with a devilish side and mad friends, and during the obligatory bikini episode the embarrassed Maruga could melt your heart.

A little more fanservice, not a screenshot but a good pic nontheless

Obligatory bikini fanservice

Another obligatory cleaveage shot during the beach episode.

Cant help but love the embarased expression here

Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the villains. Simply put they just didn’t seem to be nasty enough, there was no real threat at all, and generally the main ‘bad guy’ Onyx simply came across as a bit of a stuck up Narcissist. Luckily Ryuji for the most part did not fall into the classic trap of almost all male protagonists in harem anime, he was not entirely useless and could at least make up his own mind about things.

Not the best bad guy really

The animation was ok, there didn’t appear to be all that much CG used, but the action sequences were relatively well done (such a shame that the action was so spread out). I think the music was relatively ok, but since I don’t really remember much of it I cant say for sure. If nothing else because I cant remember the music shows how standard it was.

All in all this show was a bit of a disappointment. I did enjoy sections of it, however I think that it really lacked any continuity, that it simply fell into the trap of a harem anime in places didn’t help all that much. While some characters were ok they were all very cliche and lacked any form of depth, even Riko and Maruga couldn’t save the day. The animation was not all that special and felt a little clunky, the action sequences were too few and far between as well.

So very shiny

Unfortunately for all that I liked about this anime I could not escape the fact that it was very derivative with cliche characters and plot holes that you could drive a truck through, or if not that at least a decent sized van. Add to this that it felt like a much longer anime which had simply been edited, or more accurately brutalized into a mere 12 episodes left me feeling annoyed, or at least it would if I honestly wanted to watch it again. I am disappointed since it held some promise, but just didn’t live up to it.

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