Rural Hokkaido and Sapporo: my first impressions.

So a new post after a couple of weeks, and this time its not going to be about anime or manga. Here are a few pics from Hokkaido, I haven’t had a chance to go anywhere yet, waiting for the summer camp to really start, and also it has been quite overcast, but still very hot and quite humid here.

I was in Sapporo for a couple of days, it was horribly hot and humid, and never any let up. I am amazed at how clean the streets where, I even saw shopkeepers scrubbing the pavement outside their shops before opening. Being European I feel like a Giant here, it’s a very odd experience.

Japan is a very strange country for me, there are many customs, or little polite things you do which will never make any sense to me. The greetings before and after dinner perhaps are quite alien, since we never do that in England. The Onsen however are very nice, amazingly relaxing and definitely something I love about Japan, I could stay in them for hours if I didn’t think I would get heat exhaustion. My impressions of Japan will be different here from say Tokyo of course, since I am staying in rural Hokkaido, and the rural areas of any country will always be different from the big cities.

It has been interesting experiencing the Japanese manners that you either only read about or perhaps see in anime, for example how you are greeted at a Hotel or Ryokan.

In a few days the camp will start properly, with canoeing, exploring the rocky coastline, and at the end of the week a 40km walk from the Pacific ocean right the way to the Japan sea, which should be both amazing and exhausting.

I should be able to provide updates with pictures since there is Internet here, but it may not be too regularly. I did find some anime and manga and of course figures here, but the prices are too high for my budget, also I don’t have enough space in my bags to bring them home with me, it’s a shame, but the next trip should be to Tokyo, and my bags will have a lot of space.

So, here are a few pics from Sapporo and of course Hokkaido, expect some pics from other areas and perhaps better pics in a future post, once the camp has started properly. They are of the area the camp is happening, and some of the coast at low water.

This is the old government building in Sapporo, very European.

The old middle school where we are all staying. This is the center for the camp, with beds, kitchen, etc.

Some of the landscape, this is pretty close to us, but taken with a zoom lense.

Some of the seashore at low tide.

Took this because the sea is an amazing colour here, never seen sea that is this blue before.

Some more of the coast.

Why, well because I just had to add something from anime or a game somewhere

There will probably be a few more posts like this, and when I return it will be more posts about anime and manga etc. Possibly even one or two while I am here, cant live without the Internet.

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