Maken-Ki: Initial Thoughts

Maken-Ki is this season fighting girl’s anime, with plenty of fanservice and of course it’s a harem. This show can pretty much be summed it in three things, Breasts, Panty Shots and Lingerie, which about covers every episode so far, along with, of course, some fighting and general supernatural nonsense. Or to put it another way, Maken-Ki is pretty much Freezing-lite; it has girls fighting each other, special powers and weapons, but without the seriousness that Freezing had.

The plot is as follows: Takeru Ohyama is a fairly normal, if rather perverted high-school boy. He gets accepted into a high school that he sees as being convenient since the school provides boarding, little does he know that this is a school where magic is used and the students fight each other on a daily basis. We are introduced the three main female characters as well. Haruko Amaya, his childhood friend and of course an extremely strong fighter; Inoha Kushiya who claims to be Takeru’s fiancé; and finally we have Kodama Himegami, a twin-tailed blonde who seems to want to kill Takeru, or at least keep a close eye on him. Everyone in the school can use a weapon called a Maken, all of which use specific elements. We quickly find out that Takeru cannot use any Maken, or at least none of the ones available at the school are compatible with him, he also seems to have a mysterious, but very powerful ability called blood Pointer.

So, basically this anime’s plot is partly about Takeru learning to use his powers and fighting alongside all women in the student council and the group that oversees all the student duels, the Maken-Ki. There is also another element to the plot about the 8 ‘original’ Makens that were meant to have been created by the gods in order to seal Yamata no Orochi, an eight-headed dragon from Japanese legend. Now I immediately suspect that although Takeru will encounter and probably grope all the girls with the original Maken, his special power will likely be tied into Yamata no Orochi, but that’s only me guessing here.

But in all seriousness, this plot isn’t realty what the show is about; it’s really about the fanservice. Within the first three episodes we have already had countless panty shots, people being stripped of all but their under wear, peeping on girls taking the medical examinations, Takeru walking in on girls taking a shower and an onsen trip where everyone wears revealing Bikinis. Oh yes and before I forget, we have Aki Nijou the school nurse, whose breasts are so big I swear she is hiding water melons in there somewhere. This anime is full of bouncing breasts, torn clothing, and generally absurd levels of fanservice, with every opportunity taken to show off the female figure and what sort of lingerie different characters are wearing at the time.

The relationships between the characters are actually interesting as well. We are sill in the dark about why Inoha claims to be Takeru’s fiancé, Haruko seems forever incapable of confessing that she is madly in love with Takeru (we already know considering how jealous when Inoha is hanging onto Takeru) and of course the mystery surrounding Himegami, who claims to hate Takeru but also exhibits signs of a deeper affection for him. A classic Harem anime if ever I saw one. This is further enhanced when the school principle happily allows Takeru, Haruko, Inoha and Himegami to live in the same room. So not only do we have three girls fighting over and with Takeru, but they are all now staying in the same apartment. This of course means more fanservice with Takeru waking in on all the girls while in the shower or changing, with hilarious consequences.

While the plot may be on the weak side, and while the majority of the time in each episode seems to be spent with the camera following various parts of the female anatomy around. As an example episode three starts off with the viewers following the arse of Azuki Shinatsu (an immensely strong fighter who also works in a maid café) as she helps Takeru train. I am actually quite enjoying this series, it is silly yes, and no one take much notice of the plot, but it’s entertaining and does not take itself too seriously. Interestingly, the show also has relatively good production values, with nice fight scenes and quite detailed artwork considering what the show is about. The fight sequences are very nice with good use of CG, and overall it looks good.

This show is completely random, it has a pretty weak plot and everything that happens seems to merely be an excuse to add more fanservice, and yet I don’t hate it. This show entertains me, its fun to watch, and while is complete nonsense, doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, in face I would say that the show knows its about the fanservice and plays to that part more than anything else. I would recommend this to anyone who simply wants a daft show for the season, yes its stupid, yes its one big collection of panty/lingerie shots and massive bouncing breasts, but at least its entertaining while doing it.

I do love Himegami's expression in this shot, massive change from her normal persona.

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4 Responses to Maken-Ki: Initial Thoughts

  1. Justin says:

    No…don’t…do it…your mind…will suffer….

    • illogicalzen says:

      Oh, its a rubbish series, but so far I have enjoyed it for the brainless show that it is. There are times that you just need something a bit random to watch, that doesn’t tax your brain, and this is it for this season.

  2. Freezing-lite? I guess that’s as of a description as any, and it’s rather accurate. In my opinion Freezing took itself a little more seriously than it should, Maken-ki has more of the right balance. If all you display are fanservice shots, don’t ever expect to be really taken seriously. Even so, since this is a Japanese anime after all, I expect some more “serious” arc at some point, they do have this habit to suddenly turn dramatic.

    Nothing more to be said, it’s daft, classic harem, and entertaining. Perfect to just relax, watch and laugh!

  3. Bryan says:

    This series through the anime and manga makes a fool out out of men, if donald trump saw any of this he be really pissd off. Example not letting man becoming a big member,throwing blades at a mans picture while the female one gets a flower, calling all men at school idiots when they done nothing stupid, hurting them for just remotely perverted things, dragging them, calling them names, still doing all this after even after having a rough past and banning boys from school just because of some really bad boys Look if boys can be this bad then so can women were both human and why is the flag a woman why can’t it be something else like something represent a maken after all it was gods that made makens not goddesses. That’s what I have to say,
    comment please

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