C³ – Cube x Cursed x Curious – The show where ‘Bitch’ is an everyday greeting

C³ – Cube x Cursed x Curious is quite an odd anime, and quite frankly I am not enjoying it at all. It started off in a very odd way with Haruaki Yachi one day receiving an odd parcel from his father who is apparently overseas. The parcel is in fact a very heavy black cube, later that night he wakes up hearing some strange noises coming from the kitchen, when he goes to investigate it he discovers a naked girl who is apparently stealing rice crackers.

This is the plot and the first major issue I have with this series, well more accurately this is part of the plot, but it’s the only bit that makes any real sense. Very quickly we are told things such as the existence of ‘cursed tools’, not entirely sure what they are, but they appear to be objects that have been used to kill or destroy and several of them appear to have acquired physical bodies. They are sort of like sacred weapons or artifacts and there appears to be some sort of war taking place to either control or destroy them. Basically I have no clue what’s going on.

We quickly find out that this naked girl ‘Fear’ is one of these cursed tools, she seems to use some sort of rubrics cube device to pull weapons out of thin air, and all of them have ominous sounding names of course. Apparently she is an infamous cursed tool that has been exposed to centuries of hatred, anger and death, and she has come to Haruaki’s house in the hope of lifting her ‘curse’.

Haruaki for his part takes all this very much in his stride, especially finding out that the big cube/box that his dad sent him is in fact a girl. He’s a curious character, and appears to have a decent head on his shoulders, or at least never seems to be surprised by anything much. We quickly find out why he isn’t surprised at the appearance of a cursed tool in episode two however. Konoha Muramasa, who we originally assume is Haruaki’s childhood friend, turns out to be a cursed tool herself. She has gained a will and body of her own through pain and hatred, she takes the form of a sword, and is clearly very strong. We are also introduced to several of Haruaki’s classmates, one of which is the student council president, Kirika Ueno, who apparently also owns two cursed tools.

And finally we are introduced to the bad guys, who are apparently attempting to wipe out cursed tools know as ‘waas’. Or at least we are introduced to one particular bad guy, or more accurately woman. How do we know that she’s bad? Well, she is wearing an elegant ball gown, with massive clawed gauntlets, she smokes and every time she is on screen pretty much only says the word ‘Bitch’, repeatedly, oh and when she isn’t fighting she’s walking around in nothing but her panties and high-heels. Your classic mad evildoer then really.
I honestly have no clue what’s going on, and why I should even care about it. The script is pretty bad at this because so far their has been very little plot that I can see, mostly its involved Fear being attacked by mad swearing woman, she then goes all crazy and Yandere on Haruaki, who subsequently chases after her and she gets a slapping from Konoha. Its all over the place basically.

The show does have some good points however, so it isn’t all doom and gloom. Konoha is pretty cute and she is also quite sexy with very large breasts, and Fear, when she is happily eating is the cutest little thing outside of Mashiro-Iro this season. I also do quite like the ambiguity around the story. We have a group of people who are attempting to destroy these cursed tools that they call ‘waas’, they come across as quite evil in this respect. Howevet the cursed tools, and especially Fear, along with Konoha don’t seem to be particularly safe either. Fear has already gone on several rampages, cutting the arm off of the crazy swearing woman, and Konoha also seems to have her own demons. It is this ambiguity on who is good and who is evil that I do quite like, rather than black and white, its shades of gray.

The artwork is also rather nice, with some nice colourful, cute, high school pieces, along with the far darker, blood splattered parts when people start fighting. The fighting scenes are nice, but nothing special, and although the artwork is quite cute, it isn’t as impressive as many other shows currently airing. There is also plenty of fanservice, we have Fear, who unfortunately seems to be the shows token ‘loli’ character walking around in only a shirt, with her panties clearly visible for example. There are of course many ‘bouncing breast’ moments and gags surround Konoha’s massive breasts. The school uniforms are also very cute, and wouldn’t be out of place in a cutesy high school harem anime. In fact that strikes me as quite odd, since between the opening and the uniforms you would be forgiven in thinking that this is a simple high school romance.

While these points are all nice and good, my overall impression of this show has been one of boredom, even the cuteness of Fear when she is eating and watching TV cant save me. The show is all over the place, the plot is nonexistent, and I honestly have no clue what’s going on. I think one of the reasons for this is because C³ – Cube x Cursed x Curious has been adapted from a light novel series, and although I haven’t read it, I suspect that there is great plot development there that has been left out of the show. My issue is I don’t care about the characters, have no idea what’s going on, and worse still, don’t see why I should care. I’m not even disappointed in this show; my overall impression is one of being entirely unimpressed. I’m sure the cute artwork and characters like Fear will draw people in, but there are better shows for this kind of stuff.

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3 Responses to C³ – Cube x Cursed x Curious – The show where ‘Bitch’ is an everyday greeting

  1. I think whoever wrote the script kinda failed for this show. Episode 1 tried to be your average moe moe setup, then on episode 2 everything changed to be darker and after that it seems to be going in circles instead of moving forward.

    Yeah, I think there is a great plot somewhere in that novel, but I don’t think we’ll even have time to see it, with the pace they move the story in the anime it’ll be over before it even begins to deploy the plot!

    If it weren’t for Yukarin being the seiyuu of Fear, I would have probably dropped it already XD.

    • illogicalzen says:

      Yes, having Yukarin as the Seiyuu for Fear certainly makes it more watchable. Overall though this show is just boring, ill probably download all the episodes and watch it later so I can follow this up with an overall review. Ill forget it pretty quickly though.

    • wernnon says:

      Well in the first place if you have so much problem with the series then dont watch it, and besides the twist to make it more cruel and dark for me atleast looks fantastic. also i have to disagree with you about the no plot change as in reality we learn a lot of things about both cursed tools, and maybe their new enemies.

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