Majikoi episode 6 – the art of eating phallic candy and beyond

Majikoi this week was something a little special, taking its pervertedness to a whole new level. It was an episode devoted entirely to phallic images, essentially a parody on the classic Japanese Matsuri (festival), and quite frankly it was weird.
We started off with what has become a mainstay on this show, with Miyako attempting to seduce Yamato, this time through a home made AV with both Miyako and Yamato as the main characters. It was outlandish and as weird as always, finishing with a fantastic bit of tortoise shell bondage on a very happy Miyako.

We then skip forward to the group planning a palanquin for the upcoming Matsuri in Kawakami city, which as it happens is a festival entirely dedicated to phallic objects and gods that bestow sexual blessings on people. The palanquin and everything about the festival is pretty much pure madness. The best part is when Miyako is rubbing her face up and down the float asking who it was based on, when it turns out to be Yamato she asks, in one of the most perverted voices i’ve heard in a long time if she can have it.

We are then shown the festival and to finish things off there is a battle of the phallic palanquins. But honestly none of this matters, what does matter is the almighty phallic candy, and more importantly phallic-candy eating lessons. This is the single best, strangest and funniest part of the entire episode, with Kawakami Momoyo giving the other girls a less in how to eat phallic candy. We also get the best line in the entire show so far: ‘You wont find genuine happiness in life if you cant even lick phallic-shaped candy’, quite simply genius. Besides the lesson is so amazingly seductive and sexy you cant help but fall in love with it, the ending is pure genius as well, and potentially painful to watch.

Overall I have realised that while there is some measure of a darker sub-plot in Maji de Watashi no Koi Shinasai (Majikoi), quite frankly that doesn’t matter. It is simpler to treat it like the silly harem show that it is, I am fairly certain that the darker sub-plot will surface towards the end of the series for a ‘dramatic conclusion’, but that no longer interests me. I am watching the show for the sheer randomness that ensues; Miyako in particular is brilliant to watch. She forever has new ways in which to seduce Yamato, which of course fail, but I have to admire her tenacity and perverseness as well. \

Now some may suggest that this show has gone to far into the fanservice area, which was curious since there were almost no panty shots compared to the other series. I have to admire the scriptwriter for this episode, since it takes a lot of balls (har har har) to write an entire episode purely about phallic objects and in particular phallic shaped candy. Although I have to wonder about the end of the fight at the end, something was just so very wrong about it.

This show is nothing special, but over the last few episodes and in particular this one it just seems to have come to the conclusion that nothing matters. It is quite simply a pure harem show with lots of slapstick comedy, toilet jokes and fanservice. But I am all right with this because it does not seem to be pretending to be otherwise, there are some slightly darker elements and martial arts of course, but they are all forgotten very easily and often seem to be mere props. The animation and overall quality of this episode and in fact the show so far has been surprisingly high considering the kind of show and I assume budget that it has. The action, even during the Palanquin battle was rather nice to watch and actually quite smooth, so at least they are not sacrificing the quality they have to add slapstick and fanservice.

Overall this episode was great fun to watch, it was hilarious and crude with a lot of random slapstick and bits that didn’t make sense. I am perfectly fine with this, because as I said it is a silly show but it isn’t pretending to be anything else, given its source material you cant expect much else. Now if only Yamato would just forget about Momoyo and get together with Miyako, she has had the most screen time of all the female characters, is hilariously perverted and just won’t stop.

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