Working’!! – First Impressions

Well, we have a second series of Working, with the entirely unoriginal title of Working’!! instead of Working!!, continuing on from where the original series left off. The setting is once again the family restaurant of Wagnaria, following the lives of the odd, and often downright weird people who work there.

I quite enjoy this show, it does not have the production quality of say Fate/Zero, or dynamic flying sequences and amazing backgrounds from Last Exile, but it is a cute and fun show to watch. There isn’t much plot to speak of as every episode is fairly self-contained, following the going on of the staff of Waganaria and their general strangeness. This series originally started off life as a 4-koma gaga manga, and the shift to an anime series seems to have kept this format, with every episode being self contained, but also there being a series of comic scenes in each episode. It is essentially 4-koma done anime style.

The main characters are once again Sota Takanashi, Popura Taneshima and Mahiru Inami, along with a supporting cast that is quite lengthy, with many of them getting significant screen time and of course gags. Sota is a 16-year-old high school student recruited by Popura to become a new employee at the family restaurant Wagnaria. He is enamored by cute things and thus favors Popura over the other employees due to her cute appearance. He voices his thoughts out loud and occasionally offends his co-workers, often resulting in him getting punished by them. He usually finds his co-workers and the rules of the restaurant to be strange, but he still has an attachment to his job.

We of course have Popura, the 17-year old high school student who is continuously mistaken for an elementary school kid because of her height and general childish appearance. She has a massive complex about her height and is constantly tormented – albeit unintentionally – by Takanashi and some of the other characters because of her appearance. Takanashi in particular constantly cuddles and pats her, and of continuously makes jokes about her height.

We also have Inami, a girl with androphobia, who, because of her fear that men will attack her lashes out at every opportunity and because she and Takanashi work at the same time, means he usually gets punched every episode on multiple occasions.
The comedy of the show revolves around the interactions of Takanahsi, Popura and Inami, with the other characters adding their own thoughts and generally complicating matters. The manager Kyoko is a curious character, who does absolutely no work and continuously eats sundaes or other food. Jun is great as the head chef, constantly taking his anger at being ignored by Yachiyo out on Popura by bending the truth, and basically taking advantage of her naïve personality.

There are other strange characters including Hiroomi, a mysterious chef who is constantly smiling, but is incredibly evil – blackmailing, everyone and anyone – except for Jun and Inami. The story is all about the characters basically, and each episode – as ive said – is essentially series of gags, usually, but not always to do with Popura’s height. It is an immensely cute show, and I cant help but love Popura for her naivety and her constant willingness to do anything she is told, regardless of whether someone is being mean to her.

There isn’t much else to say about this show really, it isn’t anything special and lacks the dynamism that other shows this series such as Guilty Crown, Last Exile, Fate/Zero etc have. I do have a couple of criticisms, mainly to do with the setting While I know the show is based around the family restaurant Waganaria, there are times when I feel the show is getting boring, or perhaps has lost its way because the setting never changes. This isn’t anything serious, but sometimes it feels as if there needs to be a change of scenery. I also feel that some jokes are either over-done or are repeated too often, and there have been occasions where I just didn’t find something funny or felt a little bored. These criticisms are mainly to do with the kind of series it is, and while they may not be earth shattering are still there.

Overall the show is enjoyable to watch, and it is a nice break from the fighting and general high school romance series out there. It will not be for everyone and I have to admit I do dive in and out of it, but it is worth having a look at nonetheless.

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