High School DxD First Impressions – Angles, Demons and a naked Red-Head

Well High School DxD kicked off and made it perfectly clear what this show was going to be about, breasts, lots and lots of breasts, with some demons and fallen angles mixed in of course. To be fair, there is a little more to this show than simple breasts, there is comedy, and a potentially interesting little story, but the major draw will always be the fanservice. And I really enjoyed the first episode, as a show it knows exactly what it is about and delivers some wonderful entertainment; more importantly, the male lead gets killed not once, but twice within the first episode.

High School DxD is based on a light novel and tells the story of Hyoudou Issei, possibly the worlds most perverted boy whose only apparent gol in life is to create a harem. He has decided to attend a school that was up till that point an all-girls school with his two friends – I’ve forgotten their names but one wears glasses and the other looks like a monkey – in an attempt to create his harem.

Said friends of course quickly abandon him when they are discovered peeping at the girls kendo club changing, thus getting him a beating and the introduction of the shows main female lead Rias Gremory. We then have a girl from a different school confess to Issei for no apparent reason and ask him out on a date. Now at this point anyone else would be wondering why on earth such a cute girl had confessed to such an apparently shallow guy, but not Issei who happily agrees. The date seems to proceed rather well, up until the point that the girl – through quite an extended transformation sequence – turns into a fallen angel and stabs him through the chest saying that he would have got ‘in their way’. Thus ends the life of Hyoudou Issei, and apparently his only real annoying was that he didn’t get to feel up the girls breasts.

Rias Gremory appears through the use of demonic magic, resurrects Issei, and all is well with the world. Issei wakes up and goes about his daily life without any real knowledge that he has been killed once before, but works out that something is a little strange. He tries to work out what’s going on, only to be killed yet again by another fallen angle. He is saved yet again by Rias, along with her ‘minions’ Akeno and Toujou. He wakes up yet again; only this time hes naked and sleeping next to him is an equally naked Rias, who after a sleepy start tells him that she is his Master. At least Issei the shows main male character isn’t a complete wimp, far from it actually, he seems to be more on the brave side of male lead in anime. I have to question his thoughts on groping the breasts of a woman who has killed him though, there is a limit to everyone perversions, no matter how extreme.

Thus ends the first episode of High School DxD, not the most intelligent, unique or even interesting series in the world, but my god was it fun to watch. The show really knows what its about and that is fanservice; there may be a plot to do with devils fighting against fallen angels, but that for now has been left to the side. We have numerous breast shots, arse shots, panty shots and it takes all of 5 minutes for Rias Gremory to strip naked and apparently take a shower in her club room.

This did surprise me actually, since there was a lack of censoring, bar one sudden bar of white light covering Rias’ bum when she’s stripping for no real reason. I question the idea of censoring a character bum when the show seems to be perfectly happy showing off every other girl’s cleavage, underwear and breasts. Seems a bit arbitrary to me, but at least the censoring isn’t on the level of Seikon no Qwaser which entirely ruined the show until a uncensored version was available.

The premise of the show is ridiculous, from the crazy women who barge into Issei’s life to his over the top reactions and the fact that Issei apparently possess the ‘Crimson Dragon Emperor’s Gauntlet’ (the big red gauntlet seen in the opening and ending sequences). There are a few clever little touches such Issei’s alarm clock that changes depending on Issei’s mood – while this may not have taken much thought it is a nice little touch – and the use of chess pieces, which suggests a battle in the form of a chess game. The premise of the show is ridiculous and amusing, the fanservice kicks in from the opening sequence and what story we see is almost as clichéd as it gets. But I found it entertaining; High School DxD does not have any illusions as to what its about. The show knows that it is a fanservice show with a silly plot, it accepts that and moves on with its life, something that I have to give it credit for.

This is definitely not for everyone, but neither is it terrible. To watch High School DxD it is necessary to sit back, suspend your disbelief and simply enjoy it for what it is, a silly show with lots of fanservice; oh and a war between demons and angels.

Looks like I mainly added pictures of Rias Gremory, not that it matters so much, the show is mainly about her it seems, and she is the biggest character (in more ways than one).

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