Ano Natsu de Matteru First Impressions – High school students, summer holidays, and a red haired naked alien girl

Ano Natsu de Matteru was one of the few shows this season that I was looking forward to. It is an anime written and with character deigns by the same people who worked on Onegai Sensei (Please Teacher). I loved that show, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Ano Natsu de Matteru.

To start off, we essentially have the same setting as Onegai Sensei, revolving around a group of high schoolers who are all in the process of making a film during their summer holidays, only to have an alien to appear join their group. No, except the main character knows that there is an alien of course and the major difference here is that instead of having the older Mizuho Kazami character as a teacher we instead have the much younger Ichika Takatsuki join the school as a transfer student. There are other differences, with the main male character Kaito Kirishima not being sick, and the group composition being slightly different, but overall there is a striking similarity between Ano Natsu de Matteru and Onegai Sensei, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all.

The story starts off with Kaito standing on what must be the towns local damn filming various parts of landscape at night, apparently looking for a good spot to film his movie, only to have a bright flash and something falling into the reservoir from space. Kaito is apparently killed, but is saved by a mysterious girl; he wakes up and thinks its all a dream. We are then introduced to the ‘school’ that does not appear to have any name, but is clearly in a rural part of Japan. We have all the major cast in his class, including a shy girl, a Tsundere girl who clearly has a massive crush on Kaito and another guy who appears to be quite the ladies man (if the clip of him seducing a teacher is anything to go by). We then have the introduction of Ichika, a girl who is obviously unused to the human world, and of course Lemon Yamano, who has the best name of anyone in the series. And finally through a series of strange, unfortunate and wondrous events it appears that Ichika will probably be living with Kaito in his house while his sister is off in Bolivia of all places.

It is a simple story, but the way the characters interact and the wonderful backgrounds really make it enjoyable to watch. I haven’t seen enough of the supporting cast, but they all seem to be entertaining, especially Lemon and Kanna (the Tsundere with a crush on Kaito). Kaito is an interesting character; it appears that he and his sister have lost their parents at some undetermined time in the past and it is as if he is living is life partly in a dream, or more accurately through the lens of his camera. He seems prone to random daydreams – like all artists of course – and is actually quite engaging. He is not the weak willed lead male that we can often get in high school romance series, and is quite similar to Kei in many ways (hardly surprising). We haven’t yet seen much of Ichika – actually I lied, she gets her own bath scene and wonderful towel falling off towards the end of the episode – so I am looking forward to how she interacts with the rest of Kaito’s friends. I particularly like how Ichika arrives at Kaito’s house; he is daydreaming about suggesting that she can live with him – when suddenly the dream becomes reality.

Ano Natsu de Matteru is, for all intents and purposes, Onegai Sensei 3.0, the setting is the same, the cast are almost the same, and the sudden appearance of a beautiful alien with red hair, glasses and even a little organic robot are the same. This is not however a bad thing, I loved Onegai Sensei, and I find the setting a very nice one with lots of potential, as long as the story is told well and the characters interact well. Ichika however does not seem to have any place to stay, and we have yet to learn why she is on earth, but since she has a Japanese name, it would be hardly surprising to find that her father or mother came from earth. I like watching the characters interact, and while there isn’t much ‘action’ as it were, there is that wonderful art. The artwork and backgrounds in this show are wonderful; they look as if they are hand drawn and coloured in.

Clearly not a show for everyone since it is a high school romance, and of course if you didn’t like Onegai Sensei, your unlikely to enjoy Ano Natsu de Matteru, but I certainly enjoyed the show. I’m looking forward to next seek to see how Ichika and Kaito get out of the sticky situation they find themselves in at the end of this episode. A well made, and thoroughly enjoyable high school romance with a sexy, red haired alien, what more could you want?

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2 Responses to Ano Natsu de Matteru First Impressions – High school students, summer holidays, and a red haired naked alien girl

  1. inushinde says:

    I may have taken a slightly negative stance in my review of the first episode, but it’s honestly something that I think I’ll keep watching week to week. Hell, I think I’ll even enjoy it a good portion of the time. Glad to see that you’ll enjoy it too.

    • illogicalzen says:

      It was almost a certainty that I would enjoy this show actually, its the kind of concept that I am rather fond of. I know that there are cliches and generic plot elements, but it was an enjoyable episode, and its not like im claiming that Ano Natsu is in any way revolutionary. To me it looks like an enjoyable show that doesn’t really tax your brain, but you enjoy watching it, and I think that is what counts.

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