Amagami SS+ First Impressions – Tsundere’s, Student Council Elections and Photo shoots

Amagami SS is back and enjoyable as ever, starting off almost as the original series ended, although this time 1 month on from the ‘confessions’. We started off with the first of two episodes following Tsukasa’s arc, with the same wonderful back-and-forth banter from the first series. The most challenging part of this sequel was finding something to stir up Junichi’s relationship with the heroine that we already know he ends up with. In this case, the one to stir things up a bit comes in the form of Kurosawa Noriko, attempting to get one over on Tsukasa. Apparently she is an incredibly prideful person and has a grudge against Tsukasa, and sees the selections for the next student council president as the perfect opportunity to pull one over on Tsukasa and show her who is boss.

Anime involving what may be considered mundane high school ‘stuff’, such as student council elections, festivals and so on can often be quite dull. However in this case we have her majesty Tsukasa, the one person you don’t want to mess with because she isn’t quite as sweet as you might believe. It is obvious that during the next, and final episode of this arc that Tsukasa will utterly crush Noriko, thereby cementing her place as the schools ruler, and showing Juichi who’s boss. What’s wonderful about this entire episode is that Tsukasa clearly feels pressured by Noriko, who is using her father’s influence to garner votes, to the point where she listens to Juichi’s less than pure recommendations for ‘promotional’ material. It is also very nice to see how flustered she gets when she sees that Noriko has put Juichi up as her vie-president candidate, an obvious challenge.

Tsukasa has always been a brilliant character for me; she is a classic Tsundere, although perhaps a little more dangerous than most. Her normal exterior is all happy and innocent, concealing this brilliant schemer, someone you wouldn’t want to mess with; she never shows weakness, and her armour is almost perfect, almost. Junichi has an amazing talent for making her blush, and act all innocent, and dare I say it, girly. The photo shoot for promotional material that Junichi organises shows Tsukasa’s girly side and her willingness to listen to Junichi at the strangest of times. I loved the look on Junichi’s face as well when her skirt almost flips up, showing his secret desire to turn it into a gravure photo.  While there is fanservice at the beginning in the form of Juichi’s dram of having a bath with Tsukasa, the best came from that photo shoot, and what’s more amazing is that she looked as good fully clothed as in Junichi’s dream at the beginning of the episode.

This entire scene sums up what I loved about the Tsukasa arc, she may be tough as nails, with a pretty nasty character hidden under an angelic appearance, but Tsukasa actually listens to Junichi. It’s wonderful to see her going along with his whims even for a second, especially when you know how devious, and quickly frankly evil she can be normally. The cliffhanger at the end of the episode was rather nice, if a little obvious. Noriko and her ‘wild bunch’ set up a meeting between herself and Junichi, where she confesses her ‘love’, making sure that Tsukasa witnesses it of course. Now for his part Junichi does start saying that he already has Tsukasa, but doesn’t seem to have much time before Noriko practically forces herself on him. It seems clear that Tsukasa will see through this scheme, and clearly give Juichi a hard time for falling into such an obvious trap. However I look forward to potentially seeing a few more sweet moments between them. It’s just a shame that this is only a 12 episode series, I feel that there could be so much more development in each of the relationships in Amagami SS, they just aren’t given enough time.

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