Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! First Impressions – University students, beautiful women and three daughters

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai – roughly translated as ‘listen to me girls, I am your father’ – is a new anime that deals with the idea of family and what it means to be one. The first episodes brought us some nice ideas on what it means to be a family, along with ideas of friendship and some fanservice.

Now, I was a little wary of Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai at first, the setting has the possibility of pandering towards the lolicon side of society. However this first episode was enjoyable to watch and delivered some wonderful moments that were a joy to watch. The art was nice as well, with nice backgrounds and cute character deigns, a little different actually from many other anime I’ve seen – there is however one small scene that annoyed me, and that was the terrible digital animation used for the Tokyo crowds, really cheap – apart form that however it was well done.

The first episode introduces us to Yuuta Segawa, a first year in college, and living on his own for the first time after having been brought up by his older sister. He is attempting to live his life as he wants it and in a way that would make his sister proud. We are introduced to Oda Raika the love interest, a beauty with massive breasts, who is however pretty strange, Nimura Kouichi, the perfect playboy who appears to be only interested in getting into as many women’s pants as possible; and finally Sako Shuntarou, a pretty weird masochist who is clearly hiding even more, and quite probably disturbing fetishes that I don’t really want to see. They are all part of the ‘Street Research Observation Society’ (I believe it has a slightly different name in the anime actually) – a club with no apparent purpose or any real set of activities.

We are also introduced to Yuuta’s older sister and her three daughters; 14 year-old Sora, 10 year-old Miu, and 3 year-old Hina, all of whom are from different mothers and different marriages. It’s quite a complicated family to begin with and Yuuta clearly feels as if he is imposing on them all. What I liked about this is that when Yuuta mentions that over the phone to his sister she snaps back at him to never forget that they are all family. It’s clear that this story is meant to be about being a family even when you are not blood related and have different circumstances.

We have yet to really be introduced to the three girls, although so far it is quite clear that Sora has a monumental crush on Yuuta, even going so far as to use a picture of her with him as her mobile wallpaper. But this episode was stolen by Hina, a child so utterly adorable that you cant help but love it when she says ‘Oi-tan’.

There is of course fanservice in this episode, coming mostly in the form of Raika’s breasts, which get a lot of screen time naturally. There is some fanservice from the sisters as well, with a bath scene, although it seems to have been quite restrained. There are a couple of surreptitious panty shots and the all important, walking-in-on-someone-changing scene with Sora, but thankfully that was about it.

I look forward to seeing how Yuuta will interact with the girls going forward after the all-important announcement that changes their lives. Raika, a strange character, who nevertheless seems fascinated by Yuuta, potentially in a romantic way, also fascinates me, and she has a lot of potential. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this first episode, and as long as it sticks with the idea of what it means to be a family it should be a great show. I hope it’s a little restrained with the fanservice though, there is the potential for this show to be fanservice heavy which could completely spoil the feel of it. Overall a great first episode which promises a show full of slapstick madness, and some interesting ideas on what it means to be a family. We shall have to see where Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai goes from here.

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