Amagami SS+ 02 – The wonderfully varied faces of Tsukasa and a shed

Tsukasa sees through Noriko’s plan quite easily as it turns out, and Junichi even gets a nice little reward for falling into her trap so easily.  Tsukasa drags Junichi off by his tie in a classic piece of female dominance, dragging him to what should now be the infamous Amagami shed of sexy brilliance from the original Haruka arc. Tsukasa was unbelievably forceful in this episode, being the one to force kisses on Junichi and basically being the badass Tsukasa that we all know and love. Makes me wonder though how the marriage that we all know happened plays out, since she is clearly not above using forceful tactics to get what she wants from Junichi.

This episode was brilliant at showing the many faces of Tsukasa; she is a brilliant character for that. I love how she is entirely independent, with a clear goal in mind and unwilling to bend or alter her chosen path in life. She even tells Junichi as such, saying that while she want to go to the same university as him, she will not go to a ‘lesser’ university just because he cant get the grades. And yet she confides in Junichi with the clear knowledge that she can depend upon him and he will reciprocate her feelings. She also shows so wonderfully tender faces through the show, and those facial expressions when Junichi catches her off guard are priceless.

What’s interesting about this episode is that the student council election and Noriko’s schemes are largely pushed to one side, they happen in the background. They are both there as a backdrop to the relationship between Tsukasa and Junichi, and are pretty successful in adding in some nice drama. There is a unspoken amount of respect and knowledge that they can depend on each other in this episode, clearly shown through several tender shots and of course Tsukasa ever brilliant facial expressions. Junichi clearly has feelings for Tsukasa and wishes to do all that he can to help her, sometimes even biting off more than he can chew, but clearly as lucky as they get when it comes to a wonderful love life. I’m not entirely sure Junichi is completely deserving of the wonderful bath scene at the end of the episode, but it does make for quite a touching, and sexy little scene. Tsukasa has always been one of my favourite heroines from Amagami, coming in second to Haruka (mostly because of her randomness). She is a character with a wonderful set of facial expressions, and is forever changing, one minute being as tough as nails and entirely evil, the next this sweet and pretty innocent girl who is clearly deeply in love with Junichi. And I feel that this latest arc successfully brought that across to the audience.

This was a nice arc overall, and I am very impressed that 2 episodes can add as much to this one story as they have. My one major issue with the original series was that it lacked the time to really build up the characters and properly show how their relationship develops. I am also really impressed at how this sequel has managed to capture the same romantic essence as the original, even though Junichi is already in a relationship with the girls. It was obvious that various ‘trials’ would be put in his way, Noriko serving that purpose in this arc, but that it maintained the feel of the original, while furthering the story and adding more to the relationship was impressive. Especially impressive when you only have 2 episodes to work with, if only this series had been another 24 episode one I feel that the story of each heroine could have been advanced much further.

As a final point, the other heroines in the series had their own little cameos, with Haruka doing her usual craziness – such as wishing she had entered the student president elections, even though she is actually graduating – There was even a brief appearance from Risa if your eyes were fast enough, which was a nice touch for anyone who has watched the original.

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