Mouretsu Pirates 04 – Pirate Ships, Hackers and The Yacht Club

This week’s Mouretsu Pirates cemented in my mind that Marika is going to be one hell of a pirate captain, and a scary one at that. She manages to come up with a plan to fight of an unknown enemy that is after her with almost no sleep, and on her first go.

This first space Voyage has turned into the arc that will firmly cement Marika’s place as a scary Pirate Captain, and particularly one you don’t want to mess with. It also reinforced my earlier ideas that the Yacht Club, and particularly the president were people that we needed to watch out for. These ideas were backed up when Jenny Dolittle the Yacht Club president says out right that she knows Marika is the main candidate for Bentemaru’s captaincy, along with showing that the yacht club has full knowledge that the Odette II is actually one of the Original Seven pirate ships. I almost feel sorry for the unknown enemy that are attempting to tangle with this group of High School girls, since I’m fairly sure they are going to get their asses handed to them.

The pacing of the show, while rather good does feel a little slow at times, with very little threat in this episode, or at least immediate threat such as lasers flying through space. However, these last four episodes, and quite possibly the next two have served to highlight how qualified Marika actually is to become captain of the Bentenmaru. She may come across as a bit ditzy and airheaded, however these first episodes, and in particular this one have further shown her ability to quickly analyze the situation and come up with counter measurest. This first arc, while slow paced seems to be serving as not only an introduction to the shows main characters, but also as a way of building up Marika’s character and introducing those who will likely be involved with her as she takes on the captaincy of the Bentenmaru.

This episode also strengthened the relationship, and friendship between Chiaki and Marika. While many things about Chiaki remain a mystery – many of which are unlikely to be solved until the halfway point in the series at least – it is clear that she is the catalyst for Marika’s growth. She appears to have been installed in the Vice Captains position right now, helping Marika work things out, along with providing her with advice and even chastising her if a plan seems a little far fetched. Kane is constantly putting Marika and Chiaki together for their shifts, thus helping their relationship as a whole. Chiaki’s reaction to the revelation that both Jenny and her Vice President Lynn both knew who Marika is, along with the knowledge that the Odette II is an old pirate ship was fascinating. You would expect Marika to be the most surprised, but she appears to take it all in her stride – a convenient character trait – Chiaki however appeared shocked. This is hardly surprising since she seems to be some sort of agent sent to keep an eye on Marika, potentially as protection, and one would assume that she has some sort of knowledge or intelligence on the Yacht Club. We find that the Yacht Club is full of quite unique characters; Jenny for example is the daughter of a wealthy off-planet ‘industrialist’, someone who clearly moves in important circles, and her vice president is a hacker who is currently on probation. Given their rather ‘unique’ traits – as befitting a pirate crew in the making, as I assume they will become – it is hardly surprising that she is shocked. One would assume that if they know this much about their current situation, as well as Marika’s circumstances, what do these two in particular know about Chiaki? A question that may be answered later in the series.

Marika’s plan appears to be something quite brilliant, Kane even says as much, suggesting that if this is what she thought up in a single night, she’s going to be downright scary in a couple of years. We also see Jenny, who appears to be fascinated with Marika’s ability to command a ship, along with her ways of thinking and reactions. While I don’t think she is humoring Marika, and is truly interested in putting the plan into action, it does feel like a chance for observation, possibly due to her upbringing.

From the preview of next weeks episode it seems clear that Marika’s plan will not go quite as smoothly as she had hoped, possibly down to her inexperience. However, the episode will serve as a good learning experience, further cementing her understanding of how to fight in Space, along with relying on her crew. Hopefully it will also give Chiaki another chance to be in the spotlight, further guiding Marika’s steps. Kane and Misa for their parts are taking more of a hands-off approach to the entire situation. They are fully aware of what’s going on, along with the plan, but Kane seems to be using this as another chance to let Marika grow as his future captain. I think Next week we may see Kane and Misa, along with the crew of the Odette II and the Bentenmaru stepping in to help Marika pull off her plan. But rather than trying to fix something that is broken, I feel that they may act as further catalysts for Marika’s latent leadership ability.

The future of the series is a little clouded at the moment; from the opening sequence it is clear that Marika will become the Bentenmaru’s captain of course. However, what happens to the Odette II and her crew are still a mystery, I think its highly likely that the Yacht Club will in some way be recruited by the Bentenmaru, Misa’s search through their data says as much. We could potentially have two pirate ships in the end, with the Bentenmaru being the main, but the Odette II, crewed by the Yacht Club as its backup. I feel that too much has been invested into this ship, building it up as one of the Original Seven pirate ships for it to be forgotten about. Furthermore, I would prefer to have two pirate ships, rather than a single one, with Jenny, Lynn, and the Yacht Club as crew of the Odette II, potentially using it as a way of escape their various ‘circumstances’. This may explain the split among the characters, with the Bentenmaru on one side and the Yacht club on the other in the opening sequence. This episode was good though, and opened up a lot of possibilities for the show. I liked the pacing, but feel that some people may find it too slow for their liking, still I prefer this to throwing everything at you in the first 25 minute and then forgetting about it for half a series – a la Guilty Crown. Still, I want to see Marika in that brilliant pirate outfit as soon as possible, wish I had a long coat like that.

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