Spring 2012 Preview – Thoughts on next seasons shows


The list of anime in the Spring 2012 line-up is pretty varied, and there are those shows that I either don’t care about or are entirely indifferent too. So, here’s a list of the shows that I will be watching, and possibly a few that I wont.


No idea why someone suddenly decided that Matsumoto Leiji work would be good again, but I like them already. I have fond memories of watching Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express 999 and Interstella 5555, all great shows with a unique and distinctive art style. I’m curious to see how Matsumoto’s art style looks with the current quality of animation, certainly something to have a look at.



I was recently reading the manga, and I enjoyed it immensely, even if there are elements of the story that are a little strange. It’s not really a horror story even though it contains zombies, mostly because the zombie in question is a little too cute really. Still, im looking forward to seeing how this strange combination of classic horror/zombie plot works with a romance story with a bit of ecchi harem thrown in there for good measure. Only time will tell I guess.


Shining Hearts ~Shiawase no Pan~

Well, I have absolutely no idea what the story behind this anime is. From what I gather, it is based on an RPG where you spend equal amounts of time either beating up monsters or baking bread. So in effect it looks like a classic sword and sorcery anime with a harem and bread making. There is one small thing that is quite important however; Tony Taka, a god amongst Japanese illustrators is behind the character designs. Even if I know almost nothing about the story, this face alone will make me watch this show.



Anthropomorphic assault rifles anyone? Well that’s what Upotte seems to involve, along with more innuendo than we see in your standard episode of Aquarion EVOL. Much like Shining Hearts I don’t really know anything about this series, but the simple fact that it involves Anthropomorphised weapons and enough innuendo to fill up a good-sized bath tub makes me want to watch it.


Accel World:

Another Light Novel adaptation, something that has become a common occurrence in anime, and something that I am not to bothered with. Many of my favourite, or at least most enjoyed shows have been light novel adaptations. I have not read the Accel World light novel, but have glanced at the manga. The concept, while not unique is an interesting one, and we have the added bonus of having a short and quite fat male protagonist. The show looks interesting, but I shall just have to wait and see really.


Medaka Box:

This is one show I will not be watching. Why you might ask? Because it will be terrible, and is based on a manga that is also terrible. I have tried to read Medaka Box on several occasions, and have given up because the plot, what little of it I have found, is incomprehensible. It is a terrible piece of work, and has apparently been near the bottom of the Shounen Jump rankings, frequently being criticised for doing nothing at all, something that I found when I have tried to read it. It might be being produced by Gainanx, but from what I can see all the people involved in making Gainax great with Evangelion, FLCL, Abenobashi and Kare Kano have long since gone. So this is one show I will miss, and will not touch with a 10ft barge pole, lest it corrupts the barge pole.


Eureka Seven AO:

I’m entirely unsure about this series, and generally feel that it is another superfluous and unnecessary sequel to what was a spectacular, if a little long series. I don’t entire disregard sequels, there are those such as Aquarion EVOL that work quite well – largely because of the brilliant plot point that its set 12,000 years in the future – but there are those that have been unnecessary and often pointless. Now, I may watch it later since it is produced by BONES, a studio behind some of my favourite anime series (Bebop, Rahxephon, Eureka Seven, Darker than Black, Wolf’s RainX’amd). The studio always seems to produce a brilliantly colourful world that also has a darkness lying under the surface. This face may make me watch it later, unfortunately the story also seems to be exactly the same as the original series, which shows a lack of creativity in the series. We shall have to see, I’m not a fan of the show, but I will not discount it entirely.


Tasogare Otome x Amnesia:

Another horror themed anime that has an interesting mix of psychological mystery and romance. I’ve briefly read the manga for this one as well and I enjoyed quite a lot actually, so will definitely have a look at this series. I’m not entirely sure what the series will be like, but the manga did show some promise, will have to see how Silver Link studios approaches the series really.


Fate/Zero (part 2):

I found the first part of Fate/Zero to be occasionally boring, with a lot of gruff sounding men trying to out cool each other. The show for me was saved by Rider and Waver, a duo that brought a smile to my face every time they appeared on the screen, definitely the highlight of the show. I am not a big Type Moon fan, and although I enjoyed Fate/Stay Night, it was never a favourite – im fact I preferred Carnival Phantasm, which was a nice change from the super serious stories we tend to get from Type Moon. I’ll be watching this show so I can finally finish it, but it wont be high up my priority list.


Kore wa Zombie desu ka? OF THE DEAD:

Well, not the most original of titles, but I have seen worse. I watched the first series, and while it was not a favourite of mine, there was nevertheless something entertaining about the stupidity that happened on screen. The idea of being a zombie and a magical girl, while still being a guy was brilliant of course. And I have to admit that I am curious to find out a little more about Eucilwood Hellscythe as well.


Lupin III Series:

Well, I was not expecting this, the first Lupin III series since well, forever really, and apparently involving everyone’s favourite femme fatale Fujiko in a leading role. I really have no idea what the series will entail, but it being a Lupin III series, and me being a big Lupin III fan guarantees that ill watch it.



Well, the story sounds fascinating, although I’m not sure about the central female character looking manlier than most men in such shows. Then again I really enjoyed Black Lagoon, and this show appears to promise more girls (or women) swinging their guns around like it’s the Wild West. I’ll certainly have a look since I do tend to have a small soft spot for shows like Black Lagoon, and the idea of someone who hates guns having to work with them is an interesting, if not unusual moral dilema.

Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san:

Absolutely no idea about this show, it appears to involve a cute girl, who is apparently Cuthulhu, who might be bent on world domination, or simply causing chaos for the poor high school boy who she saves from aliens. Yeah, that description doesn’t really make much sense to me.


Sengoku Collection:

Our token Sengoku era anime for this season, still it is being produce by Brain Base who has done some good work over the years such as Spice and Wolf, Baccano and Mawaru Penguindrum. That alone makes me at least a little interested in seeing what they can create with an adaptation of a social networking game.


Queen’s Blade Rebellion:

I watched the first two series, so I thought I might as well give this one a shot. The characters might all be different – apart from the evil villain who is apparently from the previous series – although their clothes will probably have an average life expectancy of about 5 seconds. It’s a pure fanservice show, but ill give it a look at any rate.



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3 Responses to Spring 2012 Preview – Thoughts on next seasons shows

  1. I don’t think I’ve commented here yet though I am actually reading your blog posts.
    The coming season doesn’t sound too exciting to me if I’m honest, besides of the follow-ups
    to some shows I’ve watched before. Upotte however sparked my interest. I think it’s the
    plain idea of guns that are girls… or girls that are guns that draws me in. Hopefully it will provide
    some story too and is not just pure fanservice and some light-comedy.
    Other than that… yeah I don’t know. I’ll probably end up picking up quite a few shows again just
    so I keep myself busy.
    Oh and Nyaruko san since I’m a fan of the Lovecraftian mythos. She is by the way based on
    Nyarlathotep, a god in the universe Lovecraft designed but not Cthulhu itself. Nyarlathotep
    is one of the few Gods that are actually active in ‘our’ world and considering that the Anime
    is more canon than other media in this regard, like Cthulhu-based games. If you overlook
    that she is shown as an alien that pretends to be a Japanese school-girl that is. I don’t quite
    see that as a priority choice for an Outer God to go for. Cute though.

    • illogicalzen says:

      I take every series with roughly the same attitude, essentially I wait to see what the shows are like before making a judgement, or at least I try to. Some shows I will certainly not watch, but considering how this season surprised me with a few gems, next season may be the same. Many of the shows do look potentially quite interesting, particular Upotte, just love the idea of anthropomorphised guns, a very strange concept that could make for an interesting show.

      There are a few others, but as with most seasons, we shall have to see how the shows themselves look when they are finally aired.

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