Sengoku Collection – All hail Nobunaga!

Well, the new season has begun, and so to has Sengoku Collections, an anime loosely inspired by the Sengoku Era (warring states period). I say loosely because the only real link to that period so far has been the name of our protagonist, Oda Nobunaga, and all the other characters appear to be named after various famous figures from that particular period. Of course, like several other series, all these famous figures, rather than being their normal, male samurai selves, are of course women, or girls. Not entirely original, but it as worked before, and appears to work again.

The episode started off with Nobunaga appearing to fall off of her burning castle, only to then be transported to present day Japan, and landing on poor, unassuming Oota. Obviously, like many other series with similar themes we have a classic case of a fish out of water, with Nobunaga in a time period that is utterly unfamiliar to her. Whats interesting is that she seems to adapt remarkably quickly, and even saves Oota from a would be robber, although apparently without quite understanding what she has done.

I enjoyed watching the interaction between Nobunaga and Oota, with the former showing an amazing ability to adapt, and of course Oota, who at first is reticent to help her, seems to grow quite attached to out little pink haired warlord towards the end of the episode. It was great to see Nobunaga immediately claim Oota as her retainer, and continuously ordering him around, even in his own house. And yet, there was never any doubt in this episode that Nobunaga or Oota would let the other down.

What was fascinating actually, was the way in which they became something similar to a family within such a short period of time. Now, we might have had fanservice, with Nobunaga displaying a fine figure, along with her stripping down in plain view of Oota to have a bath, but there was never any real lust there. Seeing them both sleeping next to each other – albeit with Oota on the floor, while Nobunaga takes the bed – showed that they had learned to live together, and that there was never any thought of taking advantage of the situation in Oota’s mind.

There is the potential for romance there, with Nobunaga and Oota getting closer throughout the episode, and yet it remains only a possibility for now. Oota does not feature in the Opening, and Nobunaga is intent on getting back to her alternate universe. We are left questioning whether or not Oota will ever appear in this series again, since Nobunaga is quick to leave as soon as she has her goal, and interestingly enough next weeks episode preview does not appear to involve her at all.

Of course, the story in a sense doesn’t exactly matter when you look at the series – those glorious colours and vivid world leave you entertained, and simply enjoying what is a fun series. The story itself is potentially very interesting, with ideas about betrayal, along with notions of why these warriors have been transported to present day Japan. There is also enough of a story to get certain emotional reactions, especially when Nobunaga can switch from happy to sad in an instant. The story itself is no work of wonders, and in places is relatively generic, but so far the way in which it has been portrayed, coupled with the colourful world mean that this detail doesn’t necessarily matter.

This series has some serious edges, and yet it still manages to portray them in ways that mean they don’t take over. There is fanservice, but it is not overdone, and instead appears to meld into part of the story rather than being pushed into your face. Furthermore, the soundtrack is spectacular, with some brilliant hard rock pieces, along with a few more delicate touches courtesy of blues, rock and even a few acoustic pieces it seems – very different from many other series that appear to rely almost entirely on J-Pop. The OP itself had a nice vibe going on, that at first seemed to be entirely opposed to the colourful display of the main cast, and yet it fit perfectly. There appears to be very little to do with the Sengoku Era in this series, if anything it is more akin to a Magical Girl show, only the characters are all named after famous historical Japanese figures. It’s to early to tell where this show will go from here, but so far its certainly been an enjoyable first episode and I hope it continues in this way.

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4 Responses to Sengoku Collection – All hail Nobunaga!

  1. marthaurion says:

    looks pretty likely that Oota will fade out of existence…did they ever really introduce him?

    • illogicalzen says:

      Not really, he was sort of there, but as far as the wiki page goes he seems to be listed as a main character. Then again this seems to be more of an ensemble cast with different girls appearing each week. But yeah it does look like he may just fade out, which is unfortunate.

  2. I don’t even know why but I enjoyed this first episode. While it’ll clearly change its genre in the coming episodes I enjoyed this more layed-back slice-of-life presentation it had going for the introduction. It was nice seeing the pair (and of course I use this term loosely here) going out on different activities together. Some could almost go as far and call it a date.
    Oda reminded me strongly of Haruhi in these scenes. Albeit a more “normal”, with common sense-equiped Haruhi that shows her nice side more often. Something I’d wish for the actual Haruhi too, but that’s another topic all together.
    Personally I hope the potential romance will come up again but I don’t have to high hopes for that so far.

    • illogicalzen says:

      We shall have to see, this is a long series at 24 episodes, so there is always the potential of something happening. But, it also looks to be an ensemble cast, with different arcs and so on, too early to tell, but I also hope that the potential romance from this episode appears again later on in the series once all the other characters have been introduced.

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