Mouretsu Pirates 14 – And the miniskirt pirates are born

It seemed almost a foregone conclusion that something was going to go wrong when we learned last week that the Bentenmaru would be transporting a bio-container full of cat-monkey hybrids. Alas it turned out to be true, which puts Marika and the Bentemaru is a bit of trouble regarding their obligations as a pirate, along with the conditions of holding a Letter of Marque. Due to the container mysteriously opening of its own accord – it had a time delayed lock according to Misa – the Bentenmaru’s crew are quarantined due to the contagious nature of whatever it was that they caught.


This then leaves the Bentenmaru without a crew and with the possibility that no jobs of a piratical nature will be undertaken for at least a month. This presents Marika with somewhat of a problem, due to the conditions placed upon holding a Letter of Marque, if the ship in question does not take part in any piracy for a month it will be revoked. Essentially Marika needs to find a crew and take a single job so that she can keep the Letter of Marque until her normal crew are allowed outside the quarantine zone and they can resume their normal work schedule. It has to be said that seeing even Schnitzer in the quarantine zone, apparently with a cold is curious, I did not know that cyborgs could catch diseases, well now I know and it was an enlightening experience.

This episode, like many others further progresses the development of Marika’s character, with her having to work largely on her own. It also further demonstrated that while Marika may be a great captain, capable of making on the spot decisions to maintain the safety of her crew while at the same tie completing the job, she has always relied on them. It becomes obvious very quickly that while Marika may captain the ship, the majority of day-to-day activities, along with jobs procurement are handled by the rest of her crew, and in particular Misa.


Marika now has to negotiate with ‘Show’ from the Bentenmaru’s insurance company and come up with an alternative way to maintain the Letter of Marque. Furthermore, she now has to get to grips with what makes her crew so good, something that Gruier tries to help with and ultimately fails in spectacular fashion. But more than this, Marika must also contend with her fame, along with general publics knowledge of her pirate captain heritage.

Seeing Marika squirm uncomfortably under the constant stares of passersby shows how uncomfortable she is with the sudden fame that helping the Serenity royal family has brought her. She is clear a girl of action, someone far more at home in her captain’s chair and commanding the Bentenmaru than someone happy with walking around under the constant gaze of society. But, it demonstrated that she has to get used to such attention, since partly due to her young age, Marika is likely to attract a lot of attention.


It was great seeing Marika in different clothes, this time a nice red suit and skirt that may be a little to short for her, along with a snazzy pair of sunglasses. That Gruier also decides to dress up in what must be the worlds worst disguise, only to utterly fail at writing a check for a ‘normal’ amount shows how out of touch these two may be when it comes to normal society.



Ultimately Marika must learn that the most important part of any crew is whether you trust them or not, and that letting any old crew get their hands on the Bentenmaru is certain to damage her reputation along with her ship. Of course she does not come to this conclusion entirely on her, and like with the rest of the series Marika’s growth is aided by those around her. The introduction of Chiaki and her father Kurihara Kenjo helps Marika to finally realise what had been skirting around her head all along. Furthermore, it was a lesson in the consequences of such failures and problems, with Chiaki saying that the Barbarossa will be taking over the jobs that the Bentenmaru could not complete.


Of course with all this advice there can only be one group that Marika turns to for her next adventure. We finally have the glorious return of the Hakuoh Jogakuin Yacht Club; the new crew of the Bentenmaru while the real crew are quarantined. The Miniskirt Pirates (the name of the original light novels) are born and judging by the preview the Bentemaru’s crew are none-to-happy about letting a group of high school girls touch their precious ship. I am looking forward to seeing how this next arc pans out, and how Marika will react to her new crew. Commanding a crew of adults is one thing, but now Marika must command a crew of high school girls of similar ages and undertake a proper pirate operation. This should truly test her abilities to command and keep her crew in line, it should be great fun to watch.

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One Response to Mouretsu Pirates 14 – And the miniskirt pirates are born

  1. Overlord-G says:

    First of all, Royal Ninjas are 1000000 times better than Vampire ninjas (Ugh). Keep it up Gruier and you’ll possibly be able to beat the great Chiaki in obtaining the “sacred parfait” and I mean that in a figurative sense.

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