Sankarea 02 – nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Usually stories involving zombies focuses on what would happen if a plague of them were set loose on the earth, with films looking at how a small group of survivors tries to deal with such a situation, while their world is turned upside down. Zombie films, and the few series that have involved them are generally dull, relying on large gunfights, and lots of general eating of humans. Sankrea however does not do this, and instead takes quite an interesting approach towards the whole zombies set loose on the earth concept.   Read more of this post

An Illogical take on the aniblog Tournament 2012

As many may know, two years ago the first aniblog tournament was created, partly for fun, but also with the aim of showing people how varied the aniblog sphere is by introducing many new, or perhaps unheard of blogs to a wider audience. And this year, this month in fact marks the start of the second aniblog tournament, and my blog has been entered this year. I wasn’t around for the last tournament, and in fact, hadn’t really been looking at blogs until very recently; however, I am looking forward to it, and hope to at least make it past the first round. Read more of this post