Kore wa zombie desu ka? Of the dead First Impressions – Now 100% cuter

Oh Kore wa Zombis desu ka, how I missed you and your gender-bending madness, it might be a ridiculous concept with many recycled jokes, but it does it so well there is no real need to change anything. This second season starts off in much the same way as the first, with Ayumu, Hellsythe, Seraphim and Haruna sitting down to breakfast. In fact the majority of the first half of this episode is given over to reintroducing the cast, along with all their little quirks and eccentricities.

We were reintroduced to Takeshi Kurisu, a character who made a cameo appearance in episode twelve of the original series, and naturally Ayaumu, due to the apparent levels of stress that he continually works under mistakes her for a little fairy. Of course in this case, his fairy is definitely not riffling through the infirmary’s medicine cabinets from methanol, and is most definitely not utterly drunk. As usual Ayumu has to transform into his mahou-shoujo appearance to defeat a megalo, unfortunately in this case he has to do it in front of the entire school – queue life ending embarrassment.

Essentially this series picked up where it left off in the first season, with loads of jokes, slapstick humour, and random, yet brilliant fights with megalo. Ayumu is the butt of most of the jokes like always, and appears to be continuing to fantasise about Eu. But he was not the star of this episode, that honour goes to Kurisu, who is easily the cutest drunk person you may ever lay eyes on, such a shame that she is actually an animated character really. Many may have seen the promotional material for this show, with Kurisu holding a massive bottle of sake, but seeing it in action as it were is an entirely different kettle of fish. Her drunken act is brilliant, even going so far as to literally puke rainbows, only to continue drinking with a vengeance, hurray for random drunken fairy girl is all you can really say.

This scene underlines one of this shows strengths, its humour; it throws a joke at you, and before you can begin to really think about that joke barrels along into the next one, and then the next. There is no let-up with kore wa zombie, no time to sit and think about what you have watched. Many such comedies work in similar ways, and if they ever give you chance to truly think about what has happened you may realise that it was not quite as funny as you first expected. That is not to say that kore wa zombie isn’t funny, because it is, but by having an incessant stream of jokes and gags, this show keeps you pushing forward to the eventual, dramatic, and hilarious finale that we almost always get.

For a season premier, the finale to this first episode was quite a sight to behold, one that was both disturbing, and yet brilliant in every conceivable way. Not only do we have Ayumu getting a little more in touch with his feminine side, something that the writers keep throwing at the audience at odd times just to mess with your minds, but he has to transform in front of the entire school. The mahou-shoujo transformation has always been one of the greatest elements of kore wa zombie desu ka, something that parodies, while improving upon a classic element to anime. Seeing such a classic style transformation sequence, reminiscent of shows such as Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon, among others, only to then be faced with Ayumu in full mahou-shoujo gear was genius. Watching Ayumu go into overdrive, becoming 100% cuter in order to pull off Mysteltainin kick yet again demonstrated this shows ability to mess with its characters, adding insult to injury by making his costume far more feminine than it already was.

Of course it does not end there, since apparently powering up to 100% kawaii mode appears to have broken his chainsaw Mysteltainin, so he is suddenly naked and cant ease everyones memories of the incident. Having Hiramatsu Taeko go from calling Ayumu a pervert, to commenting on how wonderful his legs are, right back to calling him a eprvert again was further proof of the genius that are the jokes in this series. Ayumu clearly has to watch out for Sarasvati though, she seems to be eyeing up his fine manly, yet feminine bottom. There is definitely an element of schadenfreude while watching kore wa zombie desu ka, the amount of humour that you can squeeze from poor Ayumu’s miserable, yet amazing life is a wonder to behold.

Overall an excellent start to this series, with kore wa zombie desu ka showcasing what made it such a joy to watch in the first place. It has great jokes piled on top of each other, along with some great fanservice, for both the male, and female viewers (Ayumu in shimapan anyone?), keeping it funny and entertaining. It is this mix of light-hearted slapstick, elements of parody, along with a pretty dark plot that made me really enjoy the first series, and it looks set to continue with this one; It also has a pretty decent soundtrack with a couple of nice J-rock songs. I’m curious to see what happens as the series progresses, along with finding out who I assume will be the shows main antagonist if the opening is anything to go by.

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