Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 02 – Isolation and the fear of being abandoned

To be alone must be terrible, but to be alone without truly understanding why your alone, must be even worse. Yuuko has to live with the knowledge that she is dead, yet does not know why and how she died, furthermore, she does not even know anything about her life anymore. It is a terrible loneliness, one that must add a crushing weight to her existence, and something that she clearly questions even when there is evidence that she, as a person, or a being does in fact exist in this reality. Yuuko’s reality is one of uncertainty, she has no knowledge of her past, and her future is one of loneliness, and as far as it is possible to tell potential dispair. It is this fear of being left alone, and forgotten that drives Yuuko to approach and interact with Niiya. Read more of this post