Boundaries and Secrets in Kokoro Connect

On the face of it, Kokoro Connect is a classic slice-of-life series, following five high schoolers that are all a little odd and thus haven’t been involved in any club activities. It is however a fascinating series looking at the intricacies of these characters lives and how they are all hiding thing from each other as well as from themselves. The way in which Kokoro Connect deals with the body swapping is rather abrupt but also fascinating. The sudden nature of the body swap followed by the interrogation and deductive reasoning of Inaba comes as a surprise, as if we are in the clubroom and experiencing the phenomenon as the characters are. We are given no warning or indeed any initial explanation like in other such series, with the body swap appearing to happen at random rather than at a preordained place and time. Similarly we are not given any context for these body swaps, with no magic or chemical appearing to be present. This is a rather unique and interesting way to deal with such an occurrence, and unlike many other series involving a similar theme Kokoro Connect seems to be in no rush to explain what is going on and why. We as the audience are stuck much like the characters wondering about what happened and whether it will happen again. Read more of this post