Sukitte Ii na yo 08 – Romance for Beginners

The importance of being true to yourself and understanding that being in a relationship isn’t necessarily an easy thing was finally realised by our main characters in this weeks episode. Throughout the series Yamato has come across as good-natured but also incredibly dense. His kindhearted nature and willingness to get along with everyone has its good points but ultimately lead to a near breakup with Mei. There continues to be a fine line between kindness and simple ignorance with Yamato frequently crossing it with regards to his relationship with Megumi. It is this relationship in particular that has caused the most drama and problems for everyone, with Yamato demonstrating how little he really understands about human emotions or relationships in recent episodes. However, to label him as the only one at fault would be wrong because the current problems that both Yamato and Mei are going through are a product of both their and Megumi’s attitudes and ways of approaching life and their own relationships. Read more of this post