Sukitte Ii na yo 10 – Lies and Misunderstandings


The introduction of Kai would always bring with it another set of problems, specifically for Yamato, but his characters also helped to demonstrate the uneasy relationship that Yamato has with Mei. Up until this point Yamato has demonstrated how shallow he can be, and how damaging his willingness to help anyone and everyone has been to his relationship with Mei. The appearance of Megumi prompts Mei to question her position with Yamato, almost convincing herself that she never had any business falling in love with Yamato in the first place. For his part, Yamato is portrayed to be as naïve and new to love as Mei; his willingness to help others, along with his general attitude further exacerbates an already tense situation. As Mei and Yamato grow further apart, kicking themselves about what they did or didn’t do, what they said or wanted to say, we began to see how alike these two characters are. Mei and Yamato initially appear as polar opposites with Yamato’s popularity portrayed in stark contrast to the almost invisible nature of Mei. Partly because of this Mei continued to back herself into a corner, blaming herself for allowing Yamato to model and get close to Megumi. It is an uneasy relationship because Mei’s overly cautious and arguably introverted nature, coupled with Yamato’s ineptitude and inability to understand the consequences of his actions have gradually been building up and gaining ever more power and influence. They clearly love each other, but because of these problems they continue to bump into other issues that potentially hurt their relationship. Read more of this post