Twelve Days of Anime #04 – The Ballet Dance of Death


Mana is Happy

Guilty Crown was not a good series, in fact it was a particularly bad series with numerous rather entertaining sections, some intentional, but many unintentional. The premise was rather interesting and it had all the staff necessary to make a truly amazing anime, but somewhere along the way things just got forgotten, or put on a high shelf, or perhaps turned into paper airplanes. As an anime the story seemed to change from episode to episode with important aspects of voids seemingly forgotten about as soon as they are revealed. Guilty Crown was a show that had plenty of potential, but ultimately turned out to be a terribly written show, with annoying characters, and very little clue about its direction. It started off as one of the most hyped shows for the Autumn 2011 season – there were immensely high expectations, which it ultimately succumbed to. The high expectations largely stemmed from the staff involved with this project – having the staff of Death Note and Code Geass working together sounded like a great idea, add to that character designs by Redjuice, and theme song by Supercell, and you had some form of anime dream team. In a sense Guilty Crown was destined to fail before it even began, largely because the expectations were simply too high – the show was never going to be as good as people were suggesting. Read more of this post