Twelve Days of Anime #04 – The Ballet Dance of Death


Mana is Happy

Guilty Crown was not a good series, in fact it was a particularly bad series with numerous rather entertaining sections, some intentional, but many unintentional. The premise was rather interesting and it had all the staff necessary to make a truly amazing anime, but somewhere along the way things just got forgotten, or put on a high shelf, or perhaps turned into paper airplanes. As an anime the story seemed to change from episode to episode with important aspects of voids seemingly forgotten about as soon as they are revealed. Guilty Crown was a show that had plenty of potential, but ultimately turned out to be a terribly written show, with annoying characters, and very little clue about its direction. It started off as one of the most hyped shows for the Autumn 2011 season – there were immensely high expectations, which it ultimately succumbed to. The high expectations largely stemmed from the staff involved with this project – having the staff of Death Note and Code Geass working together sounded like a great idea, add to that character designs by Redjuice, and theme song by Supercell, and you had some form of anime dream team. In a sense Guilty Crown was destined to fail before it even began, largely because the expectations were simply too high – the show was never going to be as good as people were suggesting.


Mana is Angry

You could also argue that bringing on board people from two very different shows didn’t help either, with Death Note’s tight plot, and the style and drama from Code Geass clashing in Guilty Crown. We also had a case where the script appeared to have been taken from Code Geass, and with a few name changes it was grafted onto the artwork for this show. But, more fundamentally, this clash of styles did not work – you can see where the writers appear to want a tighter plot that twists and turns, coupled with dramatic, and very stylised fight sequences. The problem is that having both together just ended in chaos, with both story elements seemingly as out of place as the other – there was no flow to this series, no clear direction, and at times, no clue.

But this is not my lasting memory of Guilty Crown; in fact it is a particular scene right at the end of the series involving the now reborn Mana and her Ballet Dance of Death. There are plenty of stupid and downright ludicrous moments throughout Guilty Crown, but this one struck me partly because of how utterly stupid, while also brilliant it is. The dance scene is wonderful to watch, but strikes you as being largely pointless and seemingly serving no real purpose other than to suggest that Ballet Dancing will inevitably bring about the next apocalypse.

Brilliant, but utterly stupid I think sums up this sequence rather well actually.


Mana is not amused


Ballet, a truly fearsome art form that will inevitably destroy us all.

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7 Responses to Twelve Days of Anime #04 – The Ballet Dance of Death

  1. Nastu says:

    I feel the same way. It seemed like a show with a great potential, but a recycled plot and too many things left unexplained. Had they fixed such details, it might’ve been better.

    • illogicalzen says:

      Indeed, and I think it was because Guilty Crown had so much potential that it was inevitably such a bad series – this was obviously made worse by two story arcs that seemed to be separate series and the mistaken idea that adding in some original sin somehow made the story worth watching. There were moments that I loved though, and some of the action set pieces were really good, but thats a few moments in the middle of an otherwise fairly bad series.

  2. Dop says:

    I think Guilty Crown was never as bad a show as many people on the internet make out.
    Before a single episode had aired, people built it up to be the Best Show Ever, and when it didn’t live up to their expectations they turned on it and declared it the Worst Show Ever.

    It was OK. Not brilliant, but not terrible either. It had its moments.

    • illogicalzen says:

      The amount of hype surrounding Guilty Crown was ridiculous, largely due to who was involved with the project and it was inevitable that the series wouldn’t live up to such high expectations, there is arguably no anime that could. It is however a series with numerous problems, not least because the actual story wasn’t especially good and there were more plot holes than you could count. There were some great moments of course such as the mid season finale which, while stupid was also great fun to watch. However, it was in the second half that things really went downhill, the very notion of using the old testament, and more specifically original sin and the tower of babel was ludicrous and largely made the entire story little more than a farce. It might not be the worst series in the world, but it certainly wasn’t a particularly good one either.

  3. danna45 says:

    strangely enough I know a few people who actually likes Guilty Crown. God knows why…Really though, I think GC was boring. The concept of voids was good, but it quickly just became an instant Deus Ex Machina switchblade. Characters are cliched, and Inori was one of the worse Rei clones I’ve seen(Not the worst, but definitely not very good). Personally the guy whose void was that scissors thing that could kill was the best character for me. Just saying.

    • illogicalzen says:

      Guilty Crown had quite a few moments that I really liked, although most of them took place in the first half, culminating in what was the finale halfway through when the series should have just finished. The problem was these were mere ‘moments’ interspersed within a generally bad series with a story and plot that seemed to change on a weekly basis as if the writers didn’t really know where they wanted the series to go. Deux Ex Machina never really bothered me since many can be quite entertaining to watch, but in the case of Guilty Crown this was just another problem with an already problematic series. Guilty Crown did however have a lot of potential with the concept of the voids along with the virus and Shu’s place within the whole thing, but it never went anywhere, instead deciding that biblical references would make a better story than an actual, story. It certainly had its moments, but overall it was one of those series that disappointed because it had so much potential.

  4. Anonymous says:

    uou uou uou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    really is this a new anime of this last year??????????? 😀 PLEASE TELL ME YESS
    i love ballet!!!!

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