Twelve Days of Anime #02 – Mixed Bath Gattai!


Aquarion EVOL is a brilliant series, one that is so full of ludicrous ideas and elements that it was almost in danger of deteriorating into some sort of slapstick comedy. However, one of its many strengths is the way it portrays the silly ideas, the ridiculous Gattai, and every other sexual innuendo that it continuously chucked at the screenRegardless of how silly these elements seemed it was the way every single character played things absolutely straight no matter how ridiculous the lines might have sounded. By playing things straight and for all intents and purposes acting like it was a serious series Aquarion EVOL managed to make the ridiculous elements not only fit, but have far more impact than they would if it were a comedy. Aquarion EVOL is full of crazy moments, but one defining moment that further reinforces the lunacy that is EVOL involves robots, a hot spring and for some reason, bananas, although this is but one moment in an episode of pure joy and silliness that perfectly encapsulates what makes Aquarion EVOL so brilliant.

shot0075 shot0077 shot0080 shot0100 shot0125

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