Love Live! School idol Project 01 – The Greatest idea ever!


What would you do if it had suddenly been announced that your school, or perhaps university was going to close down? Protest? Throw toilet paper at passers by? Rob a bank? Find the true path to inner peace and realise that it was all part of the grand scheme of life? Or start an idol group with the intention of making the school more popular and bringing in new applications? Probably out of all of those options the last may be furthest from anyone’s mind, but it appears to be at the forefront of Honoka’s mind as she learns the terrible news that her school is due to close down. In Love Live! School idol Project the school in question, Otonokizaka is situated at the crux of three well-known areas of Tokyo, Akihabara, Kanda and Jinbo. All three are cities in their own right with distinctive cultures, attitudes and atmospheres that allow them to market themselves to other cities and communities and create specific images that are meant to encapsulate what they are all about. Being stuck in the middle of this melting pot of culture, style, fashion and ideas will never be easy, and it will always be difficult to distinguish yourself from everyone around you. Read more of this post