Kotoura-san 02 – Use and Abuse


Haruka’s meeting with Manabe may have been a cathartic moment in her life, but it doesn’t mean that all of her problems would suddenly disappear, quite the opposite in fact. By getting to know Manabe, Haruka has arguably taken herself into the public eye as it were, with others, specifically Moritani and her two friends looking on and wondering why Manabe and Haruka are suddenly together all of the time. The main problem with Haruka though is that while she has become friends with Manabe, her own problems and fears surrounding her ability to read minds have not disappeared. Instead we can see her pushing these ideas to one side largely due to her joy at finally finding someone who doesn’t run away as soon as he knows about her abilities. It was particularly fascinating to see Manabe’s expression and reaction in last week’s episode when he discovered that Haruka could read his mind. Whereas other characters had shunned her and labelled her as a monster, thus alienating her and pushing her into a corner, Manabe is more worried about not being able to have dirty thoughts when he is near her. Manabe is worried about her reading his thoughts, but he continues to think about being near her rather than running away and calling her a monster. This distinction is important because it demonstrates how Manabe wishes to stay near her and befriend her; his worries are therefore rather selfish and are merely to do with his inability to have dirty thoughts rather than about thinking in its entirety. Read more of this post