Kotoura-san 03 – The Simple Things in Life


As has probably become clear over these recent episodes, Haruka is an emotionally unstable individual, and is the first to blame herself for anything going wrong or people being hurt. Such an attitude, while wrong, is hardly surprising due to the nature of her ability and the apparent problems that it has caused her family. For Haruka, her ability to read other peoples minds is natural, so natural that many of her ‘conversations’ with Mifune are done through the use of her ability rather than Mifune vocalising her own thoughts. We were also introduced to her ability in a natural setting during the first episode, with Haruka reading other peoples minds and seemingly believing that this is perfectly normal. Having such an ability and the ability to naturally use it in the same as breathing makes Haruka’s life complicated, not least because there have been those who are willing to accuse her of lying and cheating, even going so far as to label her as a monster. Furthermore, her parents arguably used her ability as an excuse for their divorce and all of the problems that were happening before them. As we were shown in episode one, Haruka’s family life was far from perfect, in fact, the joyous, ‘normal’ family that we were presented with in the first few minutes quickly disappears as the episode progressed. The family was already on the verge of splitting up, and as we watch, Haruka’s mother, Kumiko gradually gets worse and worse, and begins to blame all of her woes on her daughter. Read more of this post