Kyoukai no Kanata 05 – Bathed in Light


While Mirai’s abilities and Akihito’s nature continue to drive the story, they both seem to be at the centre of several plots, or plans involving Spirit Hunters, although we do not as yet know what these are supposed to be. However, this week took a slightly different approach, and instead focused on Mistuki and the notion of loneliness. Mitsuki is an intriguing character, one who seems to care about Akihito, and yet remains loyal to her position as a Spirit Hunter and a member of the Nase household. Mitsuki’s character and how she approaches her own duties and personal feelings once again fit into the giri/ninjo (duty/human feelings) model that is mostly seen in samurai or yakuza dramas.

As we have already seen with Mirai, we have a figure who feels duty bound as the last member (at least as far as we know) of such a powerful Spirit Hunter clan to continue their work and hunt down Youmu. Furthermore she must carry out her duty to as an expression of respect for the Inami clan that took her in and taught her how to control her abilities. Furthermore, Mirai clearly feels responsible for the death of Yui – partly because she was the one who ultimately killed her, but also because Mirai has internalised the negativity surrounding her clan – and clearly believes that she must track down and destroy the Hollow Shade as recompense for killing the Inami clans newest generation. Her duty is that of a Spirit Hunter, and yet her internalised feelings is that of a lonely individual who hates her own blood and curses her fate as the sole surviving member of her clan.

Mitsuki must uphold her responsibilities as a member of the Nase clan and fulfil her duties as a Spirit Hunter, while also following the teachings of her sister Izumi who suggests that as a member of the Nase clan, and a Hunter she will always be alone. At the same time we have Akihito, someone with immense power that makes the Hollow Shade look like a minnow by comparison. We have seen his powers in action, or at least part of his strength, and Mitsuki also mentions that he has lost control in the past, nearly killing Hiroomi – which explains the scars on Hiroomi’s back. Mitsuki sees her, and her brother as Akihito’s observers, they are effectively his guards, staying near him so that he cannot harm others, and more importantly, so that he doesn’t get into harms way himself. Such an existence is a lonely one, and Mitsuki constantly has a sad, faraway look on her face, showing how much her loyalty to the Nase clan and her own duties have forced her to suppress her own desires.


On the other hand Mitsuki seems to be a character that truly cares for Akihito, and even Hiroomi despite his curious demeanour. Her character is cold, often aloof, but underneath it we see someone who wants to make friends, and who wants to take part in various activities such as this week’s festival, but it is her loyalty to the Nase clan that stops her. While Mirai internalised the negativity surrounding her clan and her powers, Mitsuki has internalised the perceived duties of a Spirit Hunter clan. It could be suggested that she also despises her current position and the responsibilities that come along with it. Mirai’s appearance and their interactions together remind Mistuki of the loneliness that she has felt and perhaps provides her with an opportunity to finally realise her feelings, rather than constantly be stifled by the will and duty of the Nase clan. Mitsuki sees that she is not alone, rather, she has Mirai, Akihito, and Hiroomi there, and they are together as a group of friends with different pasts and powers. In this we see how wrong Izumi is, and also how much of an impact having a talented older sister (hinted at by Fujima Miroku) had on Mitsuki while growing up.

Onto another, potentially more sinister element of the series we begin to see a complex web of intrigue and rumours surrounding Akihito, Izumi, and the Spirit Hunter association. When Mirai is introduced to the Nase clan, arriving as Fujima Miroku leaves. While Mitsuki brushes away the association as merely a group of people that research Youmu, and the history of Spirit Hunters, Miroku gives off the impression of someone with another agenda. His sideways glance at Akihito, completely ignoring Mirai, despite her background and powers. Similarly, Miroku makes some comment in last weeks episode pertaining to Akihito’s power, suggesting that Akihito is a known individual – as one would expect considering the company he keeps, and his mothers job as a Spirit Hunter – but his apparent interest in Akihito suggests that the Spirit Hunter Association, or at least a small part of it are interested in things a little more complex and dangerous than the history of spirit hunting.

While Miroku seems a little suspicious, it is actually Izumi and her actions that may set more alarm bells ringing, as she has been the most devious, and potentially dangerous character so far. It would be wrong to label Izumi an antagonist, but her actions in previous episodes, from switching the Hollow Shade’s remains with a fake, through to her interest in Mirai points to a devious individual who is using her clearly substantial power and influence to its full effect. She seems to be keeping secrets from everyone, and is also involved in her own agenda that may, or may not be devastating, although judging by the OP sequence we can expect it to all explode eventually.


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