Twelve Days of Anime 2013 – Keima comes to a realisation


Throughout the earlier chapters of Kami Nomi Keima merely went about his business, capturing various girls in order to extract the lost spirits that had lodged themselves in their hearts. He is a detached character simply going through the motions, choosing the lines that will have the greatest effect on these girls because it is his job. However, during the Goddesses Arc we see a Keima who slowly begins to realise the effect of his actions, and starts to understand that he is not playing a computer game and has hurt people he is very close too, despite his attempts to distance himself from the whole affair. It is his confession to Chihiro and subsequent harsh rejection when he realises she does not hold one of the goddesses that marks the turning point in Keima’s character.


Until this story arc Keima treats every conquest as another part of his computer games, his solutions to the various problems that lay in front of him were merely a case of choosing the right choices to achieve his desired goal. It was a job, with Keima only confessing to each girl because they had a lost spirit within them, it was simple job to him. Throughout much of the series – both manga and its anime adaptations – Keima is a very detached character, he doesn’t seem particularly real, and often comes across as rather one-dimensional. He goes through the motions to conquer each girl, just reworking the same lines, and actions that he knows will work. However, during the Megami-hen story arc we see a change in Keima’s character, we see him slowly begin to realise how much of an effect his actions, and confessions have had on the girls who now surround him in his daily life.


Keima doesn’t fall in love, and making girls fall in love with him isnt a particularly special act, he therefore doesn’t understand the consequences of making someone fall in love with him until we get to this particular arc. Knowing that the girls who contain the goddesses will remember him from earlier in the story adds a new dimension to Keima’s life. He is no longer a shadow that passes in the night, making someone fall in love with him, only to forget about his existence the next day. By confessing to Chihiro, only to realise that she does not hold one of the goddesses, we see Keima start to understand that love, romance, and playing with peoples feelings is not a game. The final moment when the school festival is underway, and Chihiro is performing with the 2B Pencils we are left with a startling image – the goddesses in the band spread their wings while Chihiro cries at the loss of her first love and Keima is left alone on the rooftop crying into his hands – this strikes me as a brilliant moment when Keima finally becomes a human, multi-dimensional character who understands the consequences of his actions.

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai Megami-hen - 04 - Large 20

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