Twelve Days of Anime 2013 – The Magnificence of Dera Mochimazzi


The idea of a talking bird may be a little strange, although it fits perfectly within the more surreal aspects of anime, and Della Mochimazzui became an integral part of Tamako Market, serving as a window into the daily lives of Tamako and her friends. The presence of Dera allowed the audience to explore the daily lives of Tamako’s local market and her family business, he also represents the slightly eccentric, but wise character that is able to give others advice. Dera symbolises one aspect of anime that I really love, its ability to take something that in other mediums would seem out of place or surreal and present it in a straightforward, and above all, normal fashion. That Dera is a talking bird, one who loves mochi so much he can barely fly is never really raised as strange or out of place, instead he quickly becomes a part of Tamako’s family, and is accepted by everyone in the series. He is just a fabulous character that loves mochi, but still flounces around like he owns the place, definitely one of my favourite characters this year.


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