Twelve Days of Anime – Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

It’s that time of the year when anime bloggers write about twelve moments in anime that were memorable during the year. And, despite not blogging much for a variety of reasons I’ve decided to take part.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

We start off with Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, a series that I initially dismissed as fluff. After the first episode didn’t really engage me I was ready to drop this series, and said as much on twitter, however, for reasons that remain a mystery to me even now I continued with it, and thank god I did. On the surface this series bares all the hallmarks of fluffy romance with shades of a shoujo story thrown in for good measure. We have a sixteen year old suddenly discover that for a number of reasons she is in an arranged marriage with a quiet, and quite mysterious boy called Hakuya who is from the country. Based on this description I initially thought that we were going to have some shoujo fluff, perhaps entertaining, but also leading to the sort of melodrama that these romantic series tend to produce.

However, while there are elements of drama, the true heart of the show centered on the brilliant relationship between our central characters, the sisters Kobeni and Benio, along with Hakuya’s sister Mashiro. The comedy that their interactions produced was wonderful and hilarious to watch, especially Benio, the perfect older sister with a massive sister complex and an obsession with Mashiro. The story may have been fairly inconsequential, but the main casts interactions and all the whacky antics that they get up to made this series a truly enjoyable one to watch. So, it went from a series that I was initially willing to drop after episode one, to a series that became one I looked forward to watching each week.

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