Twelve Days of Anime – Garo-Papa

Garo 1

Garo has been one of those series that snuck up on me, something that I knew almost nothing about and has surprised me at every turn. The story is interesting; with well thought out characters, and a nice art style. But one character stands out from the crowd, Herman ‘Roberto’ Lewis, aka, Garo-Papa. One of the main reasons that Leon as a character works is because the series has Roberto as a foil for his angst and anguish. It’s great watching his character switch from comedic womaniser to serious warrior in an instant, only to switch right back when he sees a beautiful woman walk past. This contrast between the silly and the serious helps to make his character great fun to watch, whilst also breaking up the more serious elements regarding horrors, Leon, and Mendoza. If anything I feel that I would certainly not be enjoying Garo as much as I am without the presence of Roberto.

Garo 2

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