Twelve Days of anime – Dandy gets stuck in limbo

Space Dandy Limbo

Space Dandy was many things; it was a series of one off episodes showcasing some of the most creative storytelling and animation within the anime industry, whilst also presenting the audience with the ongoing adventures of Space Dandy, the dandiest guy in space. It was also a series that I have mixed emotions about, sometimes amazing me, other times sending me to sleep, owing in a large part to the numerous different guest directors and writers involved with the project. In a very real way the sheer number of people working on Space Dandy and the creativity that they brought to the project was its greatest strength, and greatest weakness.

One of my favourite episodes has to be when Dandy apparently dies and finds himself stuck in limbo. The world of limbo is a fascinating place, where the inhabitants appear to indulge themselves without a care in the world, and yet, basic emotions such as sadness and happiness do not exist. It is hard to explain how much I love this episode; everything from the animation, and characters, to the music used compliments the rest. That the world of Limbo is a place of the dead, having once supported a great civilisation, which ultimately destroyed itself in a dreadful war further enhances this story, and adds weight to the characters interactions, especially Dandy’s horror at the notion of a world without emotion.

While the episode is one of my favourites, it is the ending that really cements it as one of the best of the year. Seeing Poe, the anthropomorphised image of the planet Limbo fall in love with Dandy and then use all her energy to send him to another dimension is as fascinating as it is sad. It is an ambiguous ending, one that uses the multiple universe of Space Dandy to its advantage, adding both joy and sadness, and topped off with a wonderful soundtrack. Easily one of the best anime episodes I have ever seen, and one of the most memorable this year.

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