Twelve Days of Anime – The True Face of Theme Park Mascots


I have to say that I didn’t really know a lot about Amagi Brilliant Park at first, only that it was adapted from a light novel series by Shoji Gatoh, and Kyoto Animation were producing it. As a series I was pleasantly surprised by the madness that unfolded before my eyes as we were introduced to a whole host of unique and memorable characters. But, it was the mascots that really stole the show with their mischievous, and hilarious behaviour.


Characters like Nikku, Wrench, Tricen, Wanipi, and Rubrum were funny, with Haw and Genjurou stealing the show at points (who doesn’t like a shark mascot who is kind, and simply wants to help, only to turn into a terrifying monster when wet?). But, it has been Moffle, Macaron, and Tiramie that have been the most fun to watch, and are easily some of the best characters ive seen in a while. What made it so much fun to watch Amagi Brilliant Park has been the juxtaposition between the fiction of a theme park filled with cuddly, smiling mascots who are there to entertain and play with, alongside the realities of the perverted, short tempered, and generally untrustworthy individuals who like to womanize, drink, and generally mess around when they aren’t working. In effect these mascots are the stereotypical salarymen, those who follow their superiors during work ours, but unwind with beer, food, and all the institutions of play that help to characterize this particular element of Japanese society.

The mascots, and these three in particular have been a joy to watch, and really helped to provide comic relief during the more serious moments of the series. Their antics complimented the issues that Sento, Kanie, and Latifa had to deal with, enhancing and drawing attention to the more serious moments, whilst also providing essential relief just as things were getting too serious. A perfect way to end these twelve posts I think.


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