Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 – Episode Nine – Clockwork Prisoner


After all those episodes focussing on ship warfare, character interactions and growth, there is finally a chance to slow down a little and look at Analyser, the ships robot and sub-computer. I have a soft spot for robot characters, yes they can often be used to explore overly complicated interpretations of what it means to be human, but as characters they can be used to look at the way the rest of the cast behave and act. I particularly like this episode because of its use of the radio as a story telling medium, with narration carried out by Yuria Misaki in the form of a story about automatons, loneliness, and artificial intelligence. I particularly like its use of a classic 1950s style radio in front of books – something of a retro image given the series futuristic setting.  Read more of this post