My Final Week in Hokkaido: Kushiro and Beyond

The Kushiro Shitsugen Norokko-go

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My final week in Hokkaido Part Two – Exploring Nemuro

The view out of the back of the train

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My final week in Hokkaido: The end of the camp, but not the end of my travels – Part One

As far as I can remember this was the sunset during on the last full day of the camp

This was actually my fifth week in Japan, haven’t yet written anything about my first week. It was quite a turbulent week with a lot of moving around and some work to clean up the school before the kids arrive. I might write up a post about that week, although it is quite a while ago, so I am not entirely sure I remember what happened.
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The Challenge camp: How we conquered Yotei-zan

The mountain that we had to conquer

Quite a long post ahead, there is just so much to write about.

The challenge camp as I mentioned in the last post was all about the kids deciding to do something ‘challenging’. Apparently there were challenges such as spending 3 days canoeing down a river, or building a raft and living on it for 3 days. The group I was assigned to however, decided on something a little different, they wanted to climb a mountain.
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Hokkaido summer camp, week three

The coastline that we were playing on

So, the summer camp has ended, it was a sad moment when the kids left and the school was eerily quiet. The staff who have come from all over the world, Taiwan, Korea, different areas of Japan, Holland are all leaving one or two at a time.
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Week two of the Hokkaido summer camp

A view of Hokkaido from the grassy hillside

As usual, I cant have pictures of the kids on the blog, complicated reasons, so it will be landscape shots mostly.

This week has been a mixture, it started off quite well for me, but unfortunately it didn’t end all that well. Due to a fever I missed one of the camps that look really amazing, but according to the Japanese staff here I needed to rest for next week, what they are calling the ‘challenge week’.
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