Disappointing Anime of 2012


While there have been many very good anime series this year there have also been a number of disappointing ones, series that had a lot of potential, but for one reason or another failed to live up to it. Such series aren’t necessarily terrible, but because they suffered from numerous problems ultimately never lived up to the potential that their stories or characters had. In fact there are a few of these series that I really enjoyed watching, or at least enjoyed parts, but their flaws were too much for me to really like them as a whole. I never really ‘hated’ these series, largely because hating an anime series seems to be an exercise in futility, although there are a couple of exceptions, series that were just terrible and what little enjoyment I got from them was short lived. This is a list, but not in any real order since it seems a little silly to try and order the disappointing anime in the same way as you would order your favourite anime (and I even find that pointless). Read more of this post

K – All style and no substance

There are some anime series that are so stylish, so beautiful, so cool, and so sexy that they cause themselves pain. The mental anguish created by this potent concoction of stylish sexiness makes them want to scream from the rooftops, proclaiming their greatness to the world at large. K is one such series, the way every character constantly swaggers, the ever-present blue/green filter and the entire aesthetic of the series screams coolness from every pore. There are parallels to be found between K and Durarara, Air Gear and in some respects Akira – the setting involving Tokyo street gangs, along with the whole ‘urban-cool’ vibe that K has going for it produce this a strangely beautiful series. However, while Durarara and Air Gear take these aesthetic elements and create an off-kilter, almost ludicrous interpretation of what Tokyo gang culture and inner city life is like, K plays it dead straight. The outlandish levels of lunacy found in the other series are largely gone, with every character acting in a very serious and almost dull manner, and yet K manages to embrace to lunacy and eccentricities of these series while still keeping on the straight and narrow. Read more of this post