Amagami SS+ 09 – Sae and her bear costume

This time around we have moved on ten months from the original confession, with Sea’s arc taking place during the autumn. Sae-chan is probably my least favorite Amagami heroine; she has never quite grabbed me as much as other heroines in the series. Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 08 – Onsen’s, Arguments and Relationships

This weeks episode was a very nice end to Kaoru’s arc, and while it didn’t end quite as romantically, or as definitely as Tsukasa’s or Haruka’s original arcs, it was s till a great way to finish. Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 07 – Close Friends, Summer Holidays and Coach Trips

Kaoru, the middle school friend of Junichi with untameable hair and an equally untameable personality is back this week, bringing us more crazy antics in and out of school. Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 06 – The Joys of Buying a New Coat

Ai’s arc has been the happiest and possibly one of the most vomit inducing experiences in any romantic anime series I have ever watched. Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 05 – Swimsuits, Girlfriends and a Cram School From Hell

We are onto the 3rd arc of Amagami SS+ this week, leaving behind the wonderful Tsukasa and the brilliant Rihoko, and moving onto the daring Ai Nanasaki.  Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 04 – Fireworks, Moonlight, and True Feelings

Thank god, we finally got the ending that Rihoko deserved, it took a while, went between her and the moon several times and played with my emotions until I was a nervous wreck, but it happened.

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Amagami SS+ 03 – Rihoko, innocence, and mischievous university students

The major problem with the Rihoko’s arc from season one was the ending, it was never a romantic arc, and Rihoko unfortunately ended up in the terror known as the ‘fiend zone’. It was a disappointing arc for me, since, while Rihoko isn’t my favourite heroine, she is great fun to watch. And I hoped that Rihoko can finally get Junichi’s attention, thus leading to a romantic and wonderful ending. Unfortunately the episode didn’t start in the right direction, with Rihoko still firmly in said friend zone, however there are a few glimmers of hope.

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