Amagami SS+ 12 – Mischievous Cousins and Spectacular Confessions

Haruka’s arc, yet again brought us some brilliant drama, wonderful romance, and all-round brilliance. Haruka has always been a great character, one that is beautiful, yet brings an immense enthusiasm (and kinkiness) to Amagami, along with subtle changes in her feelings and emotions along the way. We saw elements of Haruka’s more subtle and emotional side in the first arc, with a clear indication hat, although she may be a bit on the whacky side, she truly loves Junichi. With this in mind, it was fascinating to see Haruka as nervous as Junichi about their relationship, and where they should go with it. Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ 02 – The wonderfully varied faces of Tsukasa and a shed

Tsukasa sees through Noriko’s plan quite easily as it turns out, and Junichi even gets a nice little reward for falling into her trap so easily.  Tsukasa drags Junichi off by his tie in a classic piece of female dominance, dragging him to what should now be the infamous Amagami shed of sexy brilliance from the original Haruka arc. Tsukasa was unbelievably forceful in this episode, being the one to force kisses on Junichi and basically being the badass Tsukasa that we all know and love. Makes me wonder though how the marriage that we all know happened plays out, since she is clearly not above using forceful tactics to get what she wants from Junichi.

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Amagami SS+ First Impressions – Tsundere’s, Student Council Elections and Photo shoots

Amagami SS is back and enjoyable as ever, starting off almost as the original series ended, although this time 1 month on from the ‘confessions’. We started off with the first of two episodes following Tsukasa’s arc, with the same wonderful back-and-forth banter from the first series. The most challenging part of this sequel was finding something to stir up Junichi’s relationship with the heroine that we already know he ends up with. In this case, the one to stir things up a bit comes in the form of Kurosawa Noriko, attempting to get one over on Tsukasa. Apparently she is an incredibly prideful person and has a grudge against Tsukasa, and sees the selections for the next student council president as the perfect opportunity to pull one over on Tsukasa and show her who is boss.

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