Unrequited Love, Childhood Friends and Dense Male Protagonists: A Girls work is never done.

Childhood friends, we all know the characters, the ones that we can cheer for the most, yet deep in our hearts we know they will never have the love of the male protagonist.
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Eroge to Anime: The large number of games that become anime series

i think that this is a good example of eroge/anime artwork and the kind of 'kawaii' girls that often appear.

So this post is going to be about the amazing number of computer games that get turned into anime, but more specifically the number of eroge games (Japanese video games that include erotic or sexual content, in case anyone who reads this does not know).
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Fanservice, Fantasy and Flashing: Ecchi in anime and manga

A nice little image to start off with, nothing mad, but still ecchi and fanservice

So I thought I would write a piece on the ecchi content on anime and manga, perhaps mainly anime since I have recently been watching a few series that have a significant or perhaps more accurately a more obvious amount of ecchi content in them. Ecchi describes a genre of manga and anime, which is seen as a softer variant of hentai (basically in Japanese that means “something with sexual content”, and is used as a synonym for “perverted” in many situations in anime and manga). For the most part it does not show sexual intercourse, but can show: panty shots, nudity, and perverted situations. In general Ecchi in anime and manga can take the shape of toilet humor, misinterpretations and general slapstick involving such things as the bath, the beach, and women’s underwear/swimsuits being popular.
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Bath Scenes and Beach Episodes: Two staples of Anime and Manga

Something that I have noticed for a while now is the use of bath scenes and entire episodes based at the seaside and the beach in anime and manga. These scenes are so prevalent that they are now obligatory, and indeed I have not seen any anime in the last few years that I can remember at least which did not include one or in fact both.
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