Disappointing Anime of 2012


While there have been many very good anime series this year there have also been a number of disappointing ones, series that had a lot of potential, but for one reason or another failed to live up to it. Such series aren’t necessarily terrible, but because they suffered from numerous problems ultimately never lived up to the potential that their stories or characters had. In fact there are a few of these series that I really enjoyed watching, or at least enjoyed parts, but their flaws were too much for me to really like them as a whole. I never really ‘hated’ these series, largely because hating an anime series seems to be an exercise in futility, although there are a couple of exceptions, series that were just terrible and what little enjoyment I got from them was short lived. This is a list, but not in any real order since it seems a little silly to try and order the disappointing anime in the same way as you would order your favourite anime (and I even find that pointless). Read more of this post

Hiiro no Kakera Dai Ni Shou – It still looks great in red

Hiiro no Kakera was the token otome game adaptation for the spring season, and while it had some good elements; it was seriously hobbled by certain fundamental problems with the story and characters. It was a mixture of things, with excellent animation and a fascinating story, but also incredibly dull parts and characters that never quite seemed to progress. The series is about our central character Tamaki discovering that she is someone known as the ‘Tamayori-hime’, a celestial being charged with protecting the ‘Onikirimaru’ a sword that holds the power of a great oni and in the wrong hands could destroy the world. It is a classic plot not unique to Japan but used in other cultures and found in numerous other stories. Read more of this post

Hiiro no Kakera First Impressions – Not quite the reverse harem that you might expect

I went into Hiiro no Kakera (roughly translated as Scarlet Fragment) with a few ideas as to what the series would be about. Firstly it is an adaptation of a Otome Game, with the protagonist Tamaki Kasuga surrounded by her own harem of bishounen. Now, in some ways this is the case and all the male protagonists are of the very handsome type, and yet it appears to have taken a slightly different route. Instead of our heroine fawning over all the bishounen surrounding her, there is a definite sense that, while she may develop romantic feelings, that is not necessarily a substantial part of the series itself.

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