Mouretsu Pirates 18 – Pirates as outlaws

Two weeks ago I talked about and explored the idea of pirates as performers, bringing a sense of the carnivalesque to peoples lives. They put on a show for rich passengers on cruise liners in order to maintain their position within society. There is also the notion that in order to keep their Letter of Marque pirates need to keep putting on these shows, and are in a sense more akin to travelling performers than rogues or outlaws. Read more of this post

Mouretsu Pirates 17 – Pirates walk a fine line between legal and illegal

In the universe of Mouretsu Pirates, Space Pirates constantly walk a very fine line between the legal and the illegal. They do not however stay on that line, frequently meandering backwards and forwards across it depending on the job and of course the necessities that come with maintaining their Letter of Marque. Throughout the series we have seen both sides of being a pirate, with the big, flamboyant displays that are put on for rich space cruise passengers, to the more dirty jobs that require cunning, guile and nerves of steel.

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Mouretsu Pirates 09 – The mysterious skill of “faking attendance”

This week was the beginning of the arc that can probably be called ‘Raiders of The Lost Golden Ghost Ship’ – doesn’t quite work, but it is about as apt a description as I could think of. The opening sequences of every Mouretsu Pirates episode have been quite enlightening, serving partly as a recap of the last episode, but also providing some very useful, and detailed background information about certain plot elements, all in an overblown and epic manner. This week was no exception, and this time we learned a little about the Serenity star system – which appears to be part of the Galactic Empire, but there are factions within it who want to break away and rule themselves. Read more of this post

Mouretsu Pirates 04 – Pirate Ships, Hackers and The Yacht Club

This week’s Mouretsu Pirates cemented in my mind that Marika is going to be one hell of a pirate captain, and a scary one at that. She manages to come up with a plan to fight of an unknown enemy that is after her with almost no sleep, and on her first go.

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