Twelve Days of Anime #01 – It’s Koko!


Her Name is Koko and she is Loco. I Said, OH NO! Need I say more? Read more of this post

The Illogicalzen Top Twelve Anime of 2012 - 107410 black_hair cube_(artist) game_cg japanese_clothes kakyouin_kotone kimi_to_boku_to_eden_no_ringo night

It appears to be that time of the year where many bloggers begin to list their favourite anime and make lists that may differ wildly from each other while containing a few common links. I didn’t do this last year, partly because I wasn’t really as involved with anime blogging as I am now, but this year shall be different! I have to admit that I don’t really believe in lists, finding them too restrictive and forcing you into picking your favourite, but for lack of a better format, and because I am taking part in Kidd’s Ani-Bloggers Choice Awards I shall have to come up with a list and an order for my favourite anime for the year. But, even thought they will be in order, these anime are essentially equal for me since I enjoyed them for different reasons and at different times, and in all cases there were points where they didn’t quite work as well. But, before I get into the list proper there are a few honourable mentions, all series that I enjoyed but weren’t quite good enough to make onto my Top Twelve List for a variety of reasons. Read more of this post

Jormungand First Impressions – Her name is Koko and she is Loco

Jormungand got off to an interesting and energetic start, with a lot of stylish fight sequences, along with a curious, if a little biased look at the underworld of gun smuggling. Based on Takahashi Keitarou’s graphic novel about a child soldier named Jonah, someone who hates guns with a passion, yet must live with them everyday – he joins a group of arms dealers lead by the charismatic Koko Hekmatyar, and so must continue to struggle with his hatred for the very tools that keep him alive. This series has a dark atmosphere reminiscent of Black Lagoon (hardly surprising since its produced by White Fox, the same studio who were behind Black Lagoon), and has some fascinating characters may not be entirely sane. Read more of this post

Spring 2012 Preview – Thoughts on next seasons shows


The list of anime in the Spring 2012 line-up is pretty varied, and there are those shows that I either don’t care about or are entirely indifferent too. So, here’s a list of the shows that I will be watching, and possibly a few that I wont.

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