Sukitte Ii na yo 04 – Superficial Appearances

Throughout Sukitte Ii ya no Mei has remained the one point of consistency, and that despite her obvious issues with social interaction has also been the character that helps others regardless of the situation. She continues to demonstrate a straightforward approach to life, although her attitudes and ways of dealing other people have subtly changed due to her relationship with Yamato. Mei continues to demonstrate that she a character who doesn’t need a ‘prince on a white horse’ to rescue her from tricky situations, exhibiting an element of self-respect and self-determination that other Shoujo female characters often lack. Furthermore, her strong will and ability to stand up for what she believes in partly shows up the more traditional and arguably out of date thinking that Yamato shows in this episode. Through the eyes of Mei we are beginning to see the complex nature of school and broader social interaction. Many of the characters are considered popular or beautiful, but they also suffer from similar problems to Mei, and regardless of how popular they may be there is the notion that they are as alienated, if not more so than Mei once was. Read more of this post

Sukitte Ii na yo 01 – Social Outcast and Centre of Attention

Sudden meetings and love at first sight are staples of the romance genre, with girls and women often falling head over heels for the first man or boy who comes along. There are however a few stories that focus on the problems that their characters have, and while there is an element of love at first sight, the problems and issues that these characters have to deal with become far more significant than the romance. Sukitte Ii na yo, deals with a main character who is a social outcast, someone who has both rejected and being rejected by society. There will always be events that for some are easily brushed off, but for others leave an indelible mark, something that follows them throughout life. The impact that such events have largely depends on the event and where it took place, but they are strongest when you are young and learning about the ways of the world. Read more of this post