Sukitte Ii na yo 07 – Hiding Away

It would be very easy to suggest that the problems Mei is currently facing were the fault of Megumi, but in reality the situation is more complicated. The appearance of Megumi has certainly had an effect on the group dynamics within the series. Her appearance and status as a well known and popular amateur model give her the sort of presence that Mei lacks, and she is also relatively open about aiming for Yamato (at least she is open to Yamato himself). The group of friends that Mei has slowly been acquiring has therefore been invaded in a sense, and with the appearance of Megumi, the activities that they want to do have changed. Before there is the assumption that this group may not do things that Mei dislikes, and instead focuses on other activities, but Megumi has changed all of this. She is a straightforward and very strong willed character, someone that pushes forward and in a way gets exactly what they want through the strength of their character. Her appearance has therefore changed the way this small group of friends works, with characters like Asami and Kenji all to happy to be associated with her. Read more of this post

Sukitte Ii na yo 06 – Judging a book by its cover

As anyone who has watched romance anime and in particular shoujo anime before, the most recent developments wont be much of a shock. The appearance of a beautiful rival to Yamato’s affections, while slightly cliché works rather well with the story that Sukitte Ii ya no tells. At the core of Sukitte Ii ya no is a story about the frailty of human emotions and how superficial relationships can be if they are based purely on physical appearances. Mei is certainly not the most beautiful character in the series, and the numerous other girls who flock to Yamato outdo her in this respect, but she has demonstrated the dangerous nature of simply believing what you see. Mei has been capable of seeing through the superficial nature of many people, and although she has yet to fully trust anyone you get the impression that she truly wants friends and people whom she can trust and enjoy her life with. Read more of this post

Sukitte Ii na yo 05 – Intentions and Acceptance

Many of us, be it intentionally or unintentionally have laughed off certain potentially depressing or emotionally damaging situations in the mistaken belief that to take things lightly will mean we wont get hurt. The idea of taking life lightly, while credibly also runs into numerous issues because it is impossible to laugh everything that may happen to you off. In Sukitte Ii ya no we are presented with Yamato, a character who appears to go through life with ease. He has demonstrated a habit of treating everything with a pinch of salt, such as suggesting that the black kitten in this week’s episode will be picked up eventually because it is cute. This fits into his chameleon like appearance and attitude towards social interaction that has already been brought up in a previous episode. The idea behind such an attitude towards social groups is that by getting on with everyone and by simply agreeing with whatever is said he will never be the target of abuse of bullying. Read more of this post

Sukitte Ii na yo 03 – Expectations and Attitudes

There are certain expectations of whom or what you are supposed to be that affect your sense of self throughout life. These can be both social and cultural, with a classic example being fashion, where the idealised view of men and women are put up for the whole world to see. Such images of slender women, or well built and toned men can have a significant impact upon ones self esteem with the attitude that you are not good enough becoming potentially damaging. This can have a big impact upon teenagers who are already the focus of immense social pressures, along with notions of what it means to be cool. But obviously they are not the only ones who have to contend with these social and cultural pressures about how you are supposed to appear and act, what you are supposed to like and other attitudes. Read more of this post

Sukitte Ii na yo 02 – Friendship and insecurities

The first episode of Sukitte Ii ya no demonstrated the importance of social contacts and a social group by showing what could happen when you become so alone and those who you have relied upon and suddenly not there. This doesn’t mean that people have to be incredibly popular, but it is the creation of even the smallest of social groups and contacts that can help you move forward with your life instead of staying in the past. Mei has slowly begun to realise this, and her problem with the stalker demonstrated that by deliberately alienating herself from society she became an easy target for such people. At the same time, her experiences with betrayal have left a strong impression on her, made even stronger since it happened when she was much younger. While her attitude that everyone is willing to betray their friends at a moments notice may be incorrect, her ideas that there are those who will happily drop you when the situation calls for it remains perfectly accurate. Read more of this post

Sukitte Ii na yo 01 – Social Outcast and Centre of Attention

Sudden meetings and love at first sight are staples of the romance genre, with girls and women often falling head over heels for the first man or boy who comes along. There are however a few stories that focus on the problems that their characters have, and while there is an element of love at first sight, the problems and issues that these characters have to deal with become far more significant than the romance. Sukitte Ii na yo, deals with a main character who is a social outcast, someone who has both rejected and being rejected by society. There will always be events that for some are easily brushed off, but for others leave an indelible mark, something that follows them throughout life. The impact that such events have largely depends on the event and where it took place, but they are strongest when you are young and learning about the ways of the world. Read more of this post