Kotoura-san 03 – The Simple Things in Life


As has probably become clear over these recent episodes, Haruka is an emotionally unstable individual, and is the first to blame herself for anything going wrong or people being hurt. Such an attitude, while wrong, is hardly surprising due to the nature of her ability and the apparent problems that it has caused her family. For Haruka, her ability to read other peoples minds is natural, so natural that many of her ‘conversations’ with Mifune are done through the use of her ability rather than Mifune vocalising her own thoughts. We were also introduced to her ability in a natural setting during the first episode, with Haruka reading other peoples minds and seemingly believing that this is perfectly normal. Having such an ability and the ability to naturally use it in the same as breathing makes Haruka’s life complicated, not least because there have been those who are willing to accuse her of lying and cheating, even going so far as to label her as a monster. Furthermore, her parents arguably used her ability as an excuse for their divorce and all of the problems that were happening before them. As we were shown in episode one, Haruka’s family life was far from perfect, in fact, the joyous, ‘normal’ family that we were presented with in the first few minutes quickly disappears as the episode progressed. The family was already on the verge of splitting up, and as we watch, Haruka’s mother, Kumiko gradually gets worse and worse, and begins to blame all of her woes on her daughter. Read more of this post

Kotoura-san 02 – Use and Abuse


Haruka’s meeting with Manabe may have been a cathartic moment in her life, but it doesn’t mean that all of her problems would suddenly disappear, quite the opposite in fact. By getting to know Manabe, Haruka has arguably taken herself into the public eye as it were, with others, specifically Moritani and her two friends looking on and wondering why Manabe and Haruka are suddenly together all of the time. The main problem with Haruka though is that while she has become friends with Manabe, her own problems and fears surrounding her ability to read minds have not disappeared. Instead we can see her pushing these ideas to one side largely due to her joy at finally finding someone who doesn’t run away as soon as he knows about her abilities. It was particularly fascinating to see Manabe’s expression and reaction in last week’s episode when he discovered that Haruka could read his mind. Whereas other characters had shunned her and labelled her as a monster, thus alienating her and pushing her into a corner, Manabe is more worried about not being able to have dirty thoughts when he is near her. Manabe is worried about her reading his thoughts, but he continues to think about being near her rather than running away and calling her a monster. This distinction is important because it demonstrates how Manabe wishes to stay near her and befriend her; his worries are therefore rather selfish and are merely to do with his inability to have dirty thoughts rather than about thinking in its entirety. Read more of this post

Kotoura-san 01 – The road to acceptance is paved with perverted intentions, apparently


Mind reading is something that crops up from time to time, mostly in western comic books with super heroes who are psychic or those who possess other similar powers, although they do appear in manga and anime. The notion that reading peoples minds would someone be cool, or fun goes hand in hand with these sorts of characters, as if knowing precisely what people are thinking will somehow make your life better. But, let us approach this idea from the opposite direction and look at what might happen if, far from helping, the ability to read minds only caused conflict and hurt people. Kotoura-san looks at what might happen if you could read other peoples minds and all the negative effects that this sort of power could come with. Everyone keeps secrets or doesn’t say what they are thinking, many of them are actually politicians since saying exactly what your thinking would generally get rocks and other things thrown at you by a largely section of the population. However, the general ability to say one thing and think another is often essential for social interaction and getting on with people since it is arguably impossible to truly agree about everything, even with good friends. Read more of this post

The slightly Illogical Winter 2013 Season Preview

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It is that time where, with the current season beginning to wind down that we begin to look ahead to the next season, although I am looking at it significantly later than many others seem to do. As per usual this season preview wont be definitive since there are always series I’m just not even remotely interested in. It will also be based off of whatever information I can find except for the preview trailers since I have never trusted those to tell me anything useful about any anime series. Trailers simply show the bits that the studio think will sell the series rather than give any real indication as to what the series will actually be about, and as such I don’t believe in watching them. There are quite a few particularly interesting series next season, including a number of sequels and a few light novel adaptations that look to be potentially fascinating. I have to say that there seems to be a nice mix of series next season, ranging from your normal slice-of-life and slapstick series, through to the harem anime and the more serious, perhaps psychological series.  Read more of this post