Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon and random talking birds

The Testament Union is the major power within Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, it is the group that binds everything together, with a significant military force and the power of multiple Deadly Sins Armaments. However, there are clear questions about how and why they have so much power, along with why the Testament can control the minds of so many people. As is explained on several occasions, the Testament is effectively a history book, detailing all of the events that took place up until the initial destruction of the world. Every country and city-state religiously follows the Testament in their re-enactment of history, fearing that if they do not some dreadful calamity may befall them. And yet, there appears to be no real evidence that backs up this idea that if you do not faithfully re-enact history the world will end. Furthermore, Horizon’s position in all this, along with the perception that as soon as history, or rather the history in the Testament runs out another great calamity will befall humanity. Read more of this post

The Less than Definitive Illogical Summer 2012 Season Preview

The summer season has traditionally been one that many pass over, with numerous people dismissing it as full of terrible series, Interestingly enough it has also been the season that I tend to enjoy the most. While it may not have those big series that get a lot of attention and hype, it has always been a season where I find I can sit back and relax while watching numerous entertaining and enjoyable anime series. This summer season has numerous Light Novel, Visual Novel and PC game adaptations, all of which get mixed reactions ranging from massive overhype to those who dismiss them as fluff and pointless. Now, over the last few years I have grown to quite enjoy Light Novel and Visual Novel adaptations, finding them interesting to watch. Read more of this post