Gods and Monsters in Campione

Campione is a series with two distinct elements, exploring the nature of gods and monsters as a destructive and intangible force, while also demonstrating that it is those humans who have gained the power of the gods who are the most dangerous. The gods in Campione are shown as fickle beings, they bring destruction and in some cases death, but they are not evil, instead these ethereal beings and following their desires. Godou has to navigate the maze of mythology and meaning that has been presented to him, discovering what it means to be a Campione, along with finding out how the world views these god-slayers. It is ultimately the humans in the series, and specifically those who wish to gain the powers of a god who bring about the most destruction and cause the most harm. It is hardly surprising then that the Campione are also described as being demon-lords, they are humans with the powers of a god, but with the feelings, emotions and thirst for power that many humans posses. Read more of this post