Comedy, Carnivalesque, and the Naked Body in Anime: Why the issue of ‘Fanservice’ is more complex than it first appears

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Japanese culture has long been viewed as a curiosity, from the period of European colonialism when The Orient was a place of exotic otherness, to modern day society where Japanese popular culture is viewed as extreme, perhaps hedonistic, as opposed to the more refined tastes of the west. When viewing anime, it is possible to see how it, as a cultural medium, promotes an orientalist view of Japan with its astonishing visuals, along with the numerous exotic and strange creatures and creations. Part of the exoticism within anime is the explicit use of nudity, and more revealing situations where male and female characters are seen in their underwear, or in a more exposed, even fetishistic light. Read more of this post

Anime Review – Maken-Ki – Your standard fanservice anime with indestructible lingerie, essential for all fighting girls and women

Maken-Ki is a show that filled the ‘fanservice’ slot for series this season, much like shows such as Seikon no Qwazer and Manyuu Hikenchou, although not quite as bad as either. It is also a show that actually got quite boring for me as it went on, and I felt that overall it was trying too hard to please, something to discuss later in my review.

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